Thursday, April 14, 2011

A week ago or so I was asked if I wanted to put in a cupcake order so the MMMCupcake truck would come here (security has been mean to them; saying NO SOLICITING!!!)

At the time this is what I thought in my crazy messed up cupcake lovin' brain:

And so today...along with the donuts that my boss brought...guess what other day it is?
Yep..cupcake delivery day...and this is what I feared!!

Note:  It also has a Oreo cookie on the bottom!!  My favorite!

But then...I remembered...

And Kimora clearly and honestly states that the way she dropped 25lbs was from no other way but not eating...I've seen her show.  Girlfriend likes to eat and she HATES to exercise.

And I am pretty sure when she says "I didnt eat" it also means "I sure as hell didn't eat cupcakes!".

I have the box all taped up so no air can get in there...It'll keep until Saturday...AFTER my long run :O)
Trust me I looked up the calories and carb count ... I can't have it until then.  :O)


Running Girl said...

You are a brave lady - that cupcake wouldn't last a day with me! I bought Easter candy for my kids baskets & Easter egg hunt, & I have to beg myself not to open up the bag every day. You know what happens once you break the seal on that stuff. . .You have a handful or two, then suddenly the whole bag is gone & Easter hasn't even happened yet. I mean, not that I've ever done that or anything. ;-)

Tara said...

Cupcake DELIVERY?? Dang girl... way to have self control. I would have busted open that box already!

Junie B said...

I even left it at work so that I wouldnt be tempted tonight at home! LOL! even though now...after 90 min of hot HOT yoga I sure wish i had one! instead its gonna be a BIG COLD SUPER DUPER THICK SMOOTHIE BOWL!