Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Ride My Bicycle...and Run Some Hills too! (In Pictures)

Instead of running the TCJester bridge this week, I picked Hermann Park for our workout.  Twas mo betta fo sho!  Plus I get a bike workout in as well.  Remember to click the pictures for better viewing.  Except the sweaty slanty eye one of dont need to see that any better!  :)

One of the streets I run down quite frequently heading to Rice University

Corner of Hazard and Rice; where the running trail is (its right at 3 miles all the way around) and a very popular route for runners.  I like running Rice MUCH better than Memorial Park especially in the summer.  A lot more shade and way less people (year round on that part)

Looking towards Rice Village

Stopped to capture a self portrait!  Wearing my I Wanna Punch Running in the Face shirt from
 Although now because I was silly and put in the dryer it pretty much says I W nna Pu ch  unning in the F ce
She has new shirts coming out so I am glad to get a replacement (plus 1 more new I am sure!)

At Hermann Park

Random dude playing the sax; he was pretty good!

The hill (which doesnt look all that scary); Thats Miller Outdoor Theatre over the hill)

Another self portrait while waiting for Joe to show up

Top of the hill looking down onto the theatre

Down the hill

Off to the side of the hill

LOTS of boot camp'ers out that is fo sho!

The train came by after we finished the 4th set...hey wait for meeeeeeeee!!!

Joe talking smack as usual...  :)
 After running the hills and taking a potty break I took off on the bike the long way home (total bike mileage was just over 7 miles)

Outside the entrance to the Houston Zoo

After passing all of that I was pretty much in just get my sweaty ass home mode...
I had a WONDERFUL day out there!  Its always nice to run and workout with someone who isn't so behemoth about everything.  We just went at our separate paces up and down the hill which is awesome because its not like you have to keep up as when running from point A to point B.
I didnt run any before or after because honestly my hamstrings etc. were pretty darn sore after that workout yesterday (90 min of hot yoga followed by a 3 mile run)...

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Gaslight ;-) said...

When we passed the bootcampers all doing the "bicycle", I yelled "It's more fun with your feet on the ground." Mature, I know.