Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh Hot Yoga How I Love Thee...

Thursday was a beeeYOUteefull 90 min of hot yoga!  What actually seemed hotter than normal, but then Amy and I decided after class it wasnt the heat that was higher, but the humidity was higher in the room yesterday.  Talk about a sweat session!!!  I couldnt keep the sweat from just rolling into my eyes every few seconds and I was a drip drip dripping everywhere!

And best part is that I woke up this morning with the soreness from previous days workouts all gone!
So glad I decided NOT to run after yoga last night!  

Its a good thing I didnt have those cupcakes at home last night...I would have scarfed them down...most of my practice was pretty much like this:

And yeah its Friday, but seeing as how I am working jb#2 both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, I am not all that excited about it like everyone else.  :O)  What I do get excited about is the extra $$$ in ma pock-et though.

And because I just love this cartoon...and probably what Lindsey would say.  :O)


Running Girl said...

Lindsay would totally say that. I haven't tried hot yoga, but maybe I will. Sounds interesting!

Charlotte said...

Love Natalie Dee! And I love that you love hot yoga;)