Tuesday, April 26, 2011

While I entered the lottery for NYCM again, I am hoping and praying that I don't get picked!!!  I never intended to run it this year (even before I decided on Chicago).  If you remember I am the one that swore I wasnt going to be doing a marathon this year or even training for one...

Open mouth.  Insert foot.  Not only am I training for Chicago again, but have decided to also do the full at DWR and Houston (if I am able to get in that is; HARRA slots opened up yesterday and I put in for one, so we'll see; otherwise I will have to be in the lottery for that too!)

Anyway, I know I can defer to 2012 if I get selected but I really want to avoid the duplicate $160 fee to defer.   The only reason I put in for it was to hopefully get the rejection and have 1 to my credit.  Last year I pulled my name from the lottery once I decided to do Chicago.

All I want is to be rejected.  :o)  Pretty please!

I keep checking my bank account online, because honestly they have the names already, they just dont post them until date/time stated.  I remember in 2008 I was charged the day before the actual announcement. 

Please don't pick me.  Please don't pick me.  Please don't pick me.


Xaarlin said...

So cool you are running chicago. I'm running it this year too! (I thought for like a minute of entering the lottery for NYC too, but quickly came to the realization that my biggest supporter might leave me if I got selected)

Here's hoping you don't get picked for NYC!! :)

Maureen said...

You're the 2nd person I know who doesn't want to get picked! Good luck, I guess?

Karen said...

Oh gosh! lol I hope you don't get picked! :0) My running group friends and I just talked today about running the Houston Full!!

Zaneta said...

lol... keeping my fingers crossed for you!! ;)

Junie B said...

so far so good! no charge to my bank account! :)

Karen are you guys going to enter the Houston Marathon lottery or do you qualify with times from previous half or marathon distance? Of course there are only 2000/1500 slots open for time qualifiers which will go fast!

X: i ran Chicago last year and hoping to have better weather this year! I am deeming it Chicago: The Sequel. :)