Saturday, April 2, 2011

Four 4 the Park

I will write up the race mumbo jumbo later (like Monday probably :)) but here are some photo's; most are from the post race event which is seriously one of the best we have here.  If you are a foodie (or a drinker) you can't go wrong with this one!  Definitely worth the price of a bib (although I get a free entry due to it being a Luke's sponsored event)!

Awesome tech shirt, although they need to change the design or style; same design all 3 years now and 2nd year for this style on the womens shirt.  Free Clif bar and Clif Blocks, plus a coupon for free sweet potato fries at Becks Prime and a free 1/3 turkey burger at The Counter!  Also free coffee, but I dont drink coffee :)

Memorial Park; on the walk over (I parked about 1.5 miles away)

Approaching the hoopla!

A very popular area at Memorial Park no matter what the day.  Stretching area and general congregation for runners and walkers alike 365 days a year

Coffee anyone?  Blech.  Unless its an iced white chocolate mocha from Starbucks for me!

Who can tell me where this was taken?  Yep inside the porta potty.  Sorry couldn't resist.  :)

Kids Run!  I love watching them!

OK now for the food and drink, and believe me there was SO MUCH more than these photos; I just felt weird taking so many pictures!  :)
The  Counter (best burgers and fries!!)

They were serving turkey and veggie burger sliders; I took a turkey slider and it was to die for!

Tequila vendor?  Margaritas anyone?


2 of my favorites!  My Fit Foods and Muscle Milk

Another wine vendor shot (How did that get out of order?)

Sushi!!!!  And brownies!!!

The haul:  Lots of packets of trail mix, hummus, pita chips and grilled chicken from TruMeals, Kashi GoLean bar, granola bars, packets of natural peanut butter and 2 bottles of Light Muscle Milk.  2 containers of chicken salad and couscous from Fresh Meals...I could have gotten a lot more but my bag was pretty full (due to my other stuff) and I was tired of walking around!  I had about a 1/2 a large cup of Sangria (somehow that photo mysteriously disappeared off my camera) and the turkey slider along with some Indian style type rice that was from a vegan place here in Houston.  I was not happy that I didnt get a pineapple again this year!   They go so quickly and the line is always so long!!


The Turtle said...

My Dad and I didn't get a pineapple either. We did enjoy the margaritas and the crepes - they were awesome.

TX Runner Mom said...

Awesome! Defintely going on my "must-do" list for next year!