Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just the Facts

Monday:  20 min on treadmill followed by 50 minutes on weights (with cardio bursts of JJ's and burpees).  Then I got back on the treadmill for a cool down mile.  I was going to start my hill work today by using the TC Jester bridge as my 'partner' but the weather had other things.  I wasn't sure if it was going to still be raining, but I knew the wind was going to be brutal and out of the North.  And since the bridge runs N to S, no way Jose.  I hate that bridge enough as it is, so having to power up it straight into a N wind was not part of my plan.  Bridge workout re-scheduled for Wednesday and one of my friends is going to be joining me.  He is just getting back on the running grind, so it will be good for both of us!

Tuesday:  Well it was supposed to be 90 minutes of hot yoga today, but one of my friends told me last night that the heaters in the hot studio were broken.  I called today twice today and they are still broken :O(  Sure I could still go do the class but unless I am sweating in a hot/humid room and about to pass out, yoga itself does not interest me in the least.  Instead since the weather is soooo beautiful today I wasn't sad at all to 'have' to run.  I went out and did my little 4 mile route through the 'hood.  In addition to that I set the bike up on the trainer and rode for 30 min right after while doing laundry and watching the news.  Then a few more times I would hop on for 5-10 minutes for the heck of it!  :O)    I havent ridden in forever so I didnt want to make my booty and the 'other' non-running muscles any more sore than they needed to be in anticipation of my 'hill' workout.  :O)  I should have just ridden outside, but the traffic in the early evenings around where I live isn't really worth all the trouble; plus I needed to do laundry etc.  Blech.

Wednesday:  Met a friend over at the TCJester bridge for a little hill work, which is quite funny seeing as how I havent done a hill workout since...ummmm...last Summer!!  Ha!  Now that I think about that, its hysterical!!!  I figure its 6 weeks out from San Fran so might as well start now :O).  Plus I do want to do hills again in the late Summer while training for Chicago, so off and on for now will help I hope ;o)

I got there a bit before Joe did, so I just walked the bridge twice and then when I saw him coming I went down and met him. 

We started out with a 1 mile out and back before tackling the bridge.

The wind was blowing hard out of the South so we decided to just run North up the bridge then turn back to run down instead of going up and over etc.  I set the intervals at 5 min of bridge running then a 2 minute rest.  We did 5 sets total, although on the last set, Joe did the bridge again while I stayed down at the bottom and did the baby hill that was the 'side'.

Was a good workout and didn't suck half as much as I thought it would.  :)  Probably due to the fact that I had Joe to talk to!

Thursday:  Doing a 4 mile run instead of hot yoga (which who knows if the heat will be fixed anyway), as I am working an event at Luke's Locker and I have to be there at 6:30.

Friday:  Rest day I have decided against doing the 5K tomorrow but running long with Kenyan Way instead.  At this point its really kinda silly to run the race with no training.  The only reason I was going to still do it was for the 5 pts to go towards a bib for Houston from HARRA.  If I get a spot from them, great.  If I don't I will just have to take my chances with the lottery.  Really not a big deal to be quite honest.

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