Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kenyan Way - Long Run - 15 miles

Up at 4:30am
Running at 5am.

2 miles with Crystal.
1 mile with Crystal and Bonnie.
1 mile with Bonnie.
11 miles with Bob.

79deg at the start.
96%humidity at the start.
Brutal I tell ya.

S!Caps taken every other water stop.  Good.
Lots and LOTS of hydration.  Good.
Bob suggesting we run the pavement on the mile (instead of the gravel) of Memorial Park back to Crestwood.  GOOD.

10:32 pace for the 15 miles.  I am keeping it nice and slow for these long runs in the heat/humidity.
9:03 in the last 1/2 mile as I left Bob in my dust.

Now off to take care of momma ... and thankfully I get lots of rest too while I am there since she sleeps a lot. 


run4may said...

Great job! I attempted a 7 mile long run this am but it was way too hot. I couldn't take the heat so I headed for home with only 3 miles done. If it cools off tonight, I hope to go with my sister and her bf for the other 4 that I was too chicken to finish.

Junie B said...

When its warmer/hotter than you are use to you HAVE to slow down to get the miles done...or start earlier...hope you got those other 4 in!