Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Steam

Non-eventful day really.  Stocked the house with fresh veggies and fruits (and finally gave in to the astronomical cost of cherries!), then headed north to spend the day visiting with Mom.  Which basically means sitting on the couch watching her sleep or trying to get her to eat.  I've given in to the fact that things are the way they are because of the stroke (and her age), but at least I was there.

While out there, my phone showed the actual temp at 101 deg around 4pm.  All I kept thinking was 'is it going to cool off enough for me to run even at 7?'

About 12 miles into my drive back home, I could see that Houston was more than likely getting rained on.  This made me happy.

With what I thought would be a 'cooler' run I started out shortly after 5:20 for a short 3 miler.  Um.  Yeah.  Cooler?  No.  It was a virtual steam room, but with the lack of sun it was alright and I just ran according to feel and was happy that I didnt seem to have any ill effects after yesterdays long run.  I slept really well last night, hydrated well today and had a big breakfast so maybe that helped?  

Anyway, 3 miles done on my first official 'run 6 days a week'; schedule called for 5, but gonna ease into it.

p.s.  If you haven't seen Date Night (Tina Fey and Steve Carrell), and its still showing where you are GO SEE IT!!!  Soooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will definitely buy this movie when it comes out on DVD and I dont say that about a lot of movies.

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