Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Madness

Nothing like a bit of anger and disgust to make a run awesome.

Because I didnt know what the weather was going to hand me, we had thunderstorms today, and there looked to be more on the way via radar, I didnt want to chance a) having to possibly not run until much later or b) running in pouring down rain but yet no lightning.  I had my gym bag in the car, so about 3:45 I went out to the parking garage to get it so that I could run on the treadmill.

Now lately I DREAD the dreadmill and can barely stand it for more than 3-4 miles.  Today?  I was so angered at an email sent out by the Houston Marathon committee that my 5 miles went by so quickly (and yes I also mean I ran them FAST), that I thought about running an additional mile, but then just said 'eh'. 

So 5 fast miles on this crazy of a Monday.  Saturday seems to have been just one of those days as my legs feel great.

In other news, I also signed up to run Dallas White Rock (half marathon) on December 5th.  So Chicago in October, Dallas in December...and possibly Houston (full) marathon at the end of January, but if not that one, then either USAFit (full) marathon (also in January) or the RnR Mardi Gras (full) marathon in February.

Post to follow re: said email announcement made by the Chevron Houston Marathon.

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Mike said...

Houston marathon lottery sucks. :-(