Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6 miles:  treadmill
Some upper body weights

I broke up the mileage so as not to die of boredom; doing 4 miles straight to start off, then did some weights, then another mile, more weights, then finished off with 1 more mile and some stretching.

Didnt do as much upper body since I've been doing boot camp twice a week.  But wanted to give the legs a break by running on the treadmill for a change; its been 2 weeks since I've done that.

We've got a LOT of rain coming with Alex so I will pack the gym bag again for tomorrow...just in case...

I know the blog has been lacking a bit of oomph lately and I apologize...however with life being as it is, running, work, mom in hospital and still trying to maintain some sense of a social life...I just dont have the time!  Even at work, as I have been busier than usual...

And speaking of social life, I've got plans so I am outtie!!!


NY Wolve said...

I am glad to see that at least one of us has kept running even as the blog has lacked oomph.
Running in the heat is never much fun, but it just is. Hydration is of course super important. i still remember the days where during football practice (in August) coaches would take away the water break as punishment.

Junie B said...

i figure if 41 people want to follow my blog i should give them something interesting to read!

hoping to get back to my normal self next week!!!!!!!!!!!!