Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I didnt go to the gym yesterday but instead opted to come home straight from work.  Therefore today I had to get my gym time in along with speed work.

I think I might end up moving my gym day to Wednesdays as doing my speed work on the treadmill keeps me honest.  I can set the treadmill at the paces I need to get it done without having my natural tendancy to slow down when having to do it in the heat of the afternoon.  But dont kid yourself; by the time I was done with the miles and the speed work my hair was plastered to my head just as if I had been running outside.  They say when you sweat like that, you're fit and your body is just being effective...I gotta believe in some of that.

Todays schedule called for 6 miles total with a session of 4/3/2/1 (moderate/easy) thrown in.  I did 2 miles warm up but set the incline up to 2 so as not to make it an 'easy' day.  Then I set it at 9:20 pace for the 'moderate' and then on 10:00 for the 'easy'.  Once I got to the '1' I just put it on 9:04 and ran it out for the 1/1 skipping the moderate.  Did another mile, then hit the weights for 45 minutes.  After I finished that up, I got back on the treadmill for the last mile at about 10:20 pace to close it out.

Next weeks speed calls for 3x1mile at 8:30ish pace so I am DEFINITELY going to use the treadmill for that.  But the schedule also calls for 8 miles total next Wednesday as well.  Whaaaat?  Sigh.

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