Thursday, June 10, 2010

Read the Fine Print

Well after further inspection at the little calendar schedule I have printed out from Coach, I saw that apparently my speed work for Chicago has finally kicked in.  Gah!

So that meant Wednesdays 6 miles were to have 4 of them at threshold pace.  (9:21-9:31).  Gah!

I thought screw that!  Its my birthday!  Its 92deg out and humid as heck! (usually its not as bad in the afternoons).  Its my birthday!  Gah!

Sooo because I had birthday dinner plans with an O so good looking man :), I had to run earlier than I normally do, and wouldn't you know it the clouds had parted and the angels weren't singing, but the sun was beating (down).  Gah!

So I strategized a route...I could get 4 miles doing 'this', be back at home, refuel (since I knew the 10'ozer was gonna be empty by that point!), and then head out for a couple of loopy loo's!  OK, I did exactly that, only about 1 mile into it, I decided I was going to just do 1 loopy loo :o)  So I got 5 miles instead of 6 and only 3 of them were at threshold and when I say threshold, it was definitely at the 9:31 end and NOT the 9:21 end.  I feel OK with it because lets be honest, here in Houston, in the Summer, doing speed work is H.A.R.D. so I feel if you even get close, you're doing great.

I am one sleepy pup this morning...gonna be an 'that was easy' button kind of run this afternoon that much is fo sho!


Lauren said...

Wow that sounds tough even though you took it somewhat "easy" comparatively. You did a great job! I hate speedwork!

Lauren said...

oh and are you using a personal coach/ online coach/ group?? Details! :D Sorry if you already posted all this I'm just obsessed with looking at people's training plans!