Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Its my birthday and if I could I would SO eat all this cake!
I have 6 miles on the schedule today; here's to hoping the weather cooperates this afternoon and its not thunderbooming again.  I didn't bring Plan B to work, so at least no lightning please.
Thats my birthday wish :o)
Well one of them!


Bert said...

Happy birthday! Nice cake! Looks like the weather will miss us this pm so go out and have a nice run!

Junie B said...

I plan to! And then out for dinner (I picked pizza of all things!)...I am craving it so there is this little place I loooooooooove their veggie pizza so I am going to just eat! eat! eat!

Who am I kidding? I cant even eat more than 2-3 slices and they're small! Leftovers!

run4may said...

Happy Birthday! What is plan B? I hope the weather stays nice.

Junie B said...

Plan B is to bring gym bag in case of lightning! But weather is cooperating today and should be the rest of the week.

I hate the treadmill and i only use it once a week on gym day but sometimes is a necessary evil because I am not going to miss a run just cause its bad weather (again i only wont run if its lightning; rain i can handle) outside ;)

Getting My Words Out said...

Found you off a Runner's World forum on diet soda I just got around to reading today. (You should change it to a direct link--it would be much easier to get here from there that way--people are lazy!)

Love the blog.

Happy Birthday...I hope you had a great run.