Friday, June 11, 2010

Rest Day today!
Payday, Jeans, Boots, Ponytail!  And a smooth ride at work today as well!
But Lord have mercy its soooo terribly humid still and the weatherman this morning said this weekend is going to be brutal with feels like around 105, and that the low tomorrow morning is 81.
Woohoo!  What a fantabulous 15 miles THATS going to be!  Another squish squish squishy run indeed!

The route is here, and is 10.5 miles, which means I will do 4 miles before the group starts at 6am (leaving me with an itty bitty .5 to add on at the end)!
Water stops are a bit more spaced out this week so its gonna be super importante that I make sure and take my S-Caps more diligently than I did last weekend.

What's YOUR run going to be like this weekend? 


Lauren said...

Hola! That run sounds brutal - hang in there! I have a 12 miler tomorrow. It wont' be too hot but it will be ridiculously humid (read 80% or more). But I don't mind it'll be in the dark :D

run4may said...

Sounds like a good day thus far. Have a great weekend.