Wednesday, January 6, 2010


A lot of new readers when I checked my stats this morning!!!  Awesome!  But why isn't anyone commenting??  :o)

Anyway, I was supposed to run at 5:30am this morning.  I had everything ready, etc but when the alarm went off I just couldn't; I wanted to stay in my bed.  Eh, not a big deal. 

I am not able to run this afternoon and probably for the next 2 days as I am having some outpatient surgery this afternoon.  Nothing major, only requiring a few stitches at most.  I asked when I made the appointment about running the marathon 11 days out and running in general, and the lady told me no problem.  I would suspect that the area will be a little sore from the incision, and that should subside by Saturday when I have my last "long" run before marathon.  Our plan this Saturday is to run 8 miles of hills!  Easy of course.  8 loops of the cloverleaves...and at a decent hour of the morning too!  We get a reprieve from the 6am roll call at KW; thankfully so as the temps here on Saturday morning are going to be about 20 deg!!!

However, if I get there this afternoon and the actual Dr. tells me otherwise (that I can't run till stitches are out), we will be rescheduling!!!  :o)  I am not going to not run for 7 days!!!

If its not sore at all on Friday, or at least minimal, I plan to at least walk an hour on the treadmill or something!!!  ha! 


Jen said...

Good luck on your upcoming marathon! I hope your outpatient surgery goes well. Good luck!

KCWoodhead said...

Is this a stupid question? How do you know how many readers you have?

Junie B said...

thanks Jen!!!

KC: not a stupid question. i have a statcounter embedded in my blog that logs all hits and where they are coming from (city, state, even country) by the IP address. it will also show me where they linked from (i.e. another persons blog, runnersworld forums, etc.) each person has a unique ID. I know when you hit it because I know who you work for ;o) and it comes up as your employer server.

it also will tell me how many hits i get a day, week, month etc. what can i say...i like stats :O)

KCWoodhead said...

Um - where do I get one of those? Sounds fun! Is it on your dashboard page (i.e. for you to see but not published on the face of your blog for everyone else to see)?

Sarah Woulfin said...

I love the title of your blog :> Hope the surgery goes well. Take care.