Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sparkling Run - Kenyan Way

A nice, crisp morning for a run.  So much so that when I went out to my car this morning, there was a nice, thin layer of ice on the windshield!  For some reason I have not been able to acclimate to the cold this year (maybe I've lost that layer of fat afterall!), so I have been having to experiment with different types of clothing (layering and such) on the runs.  My one pair of tights that I bought several years ago are too big now, and Lukes is out of tights in anything smaller than a large :(  ... so this morning I ran in some Nike pants that I had bought last year and they worked out perfectly!  Thankfully I have them in 3 colors too!  A Nike Pro long sleeve and a Zoot zip up and I was perfectly fine the entire run.

Since I am in taper mode, the schedule has me down to 12 miles for today.  The route, as I mentioned was not one that I am fond of, but SW suggested at each pace group to add on an extra loop of Memorial as opposed to actually doing the bayou.  So 1/2 way into the first loop we decided to do just that.  The frost and ice all over the grass there around Memorial etc made it very sparkly this morning!  Off in a distance it gave the impression of snow.  :)  It went by so fast as the 3 of us were such chatty cathy's this morning, it flew by.  We talked about marathon day, our 'strategy', etc.  I have to agree with Megan as she thinks that with the right weather (i.e. cold) we should rock it out, no problem.  That is...barring that anything horrible happens to us along the way.  After the 2 loops and heading back, we had to do extra there at base to hit the 12.  Then it was off to breakfast for more chatter about tapering and race day!

I really needed a perfect run today and thats exactly what we got.  Legs are still in recovery mode, but I can feel that they're on the mend.  This week still had me at 37 miles, and next week is 25.  I have to run tomorrow as I cant run on Thursday of this next week due to a little 'surgery' I am having done on Wednesday.  I will have to run my Wednesday run before work that day.  Poo!

Now its off to a movie with B, some good rest tonight, short run in the early morning and then the Texans game/tailgating tomorrow!

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