Monday, January 4, 2010

The Hills are Alive!!!

PSA:  Long gone are the days when I would 'censor' what I write on a public blog.  I have a lot of opinions (and proven methods for me) about training (running), weight, cross training, etc.   Therefore I apologize in advance for any future postings where a) I offend someone b) you think I am talking directly about you or c) a combination of A and B. 

OK onto the daily training stuff...

Mondays are still hill training workout days.  And today I still had 6 miles on the schedule.  Yes, I am tapering but still...6 today; other than Wednesday and Saturday of this week, the mileage is minimal at best.

Anyhow...its rather chilly today...About 45 deg when I started with a 2 mile warm up before starting the actual hill workout.  Today was 25 min, working 2 hills as opposed to 4.  And of course one of them was the hardest IMHO.  We call that one cloverleaf #2.  And to make matters even worse, that one on the uphill is directly North and with a North wind, well it was cold as all get out!  Megan and I went over the allotted 25 minutes but we figured an extra hill never hurt anyone...  :o)

When I got back in the car, the 'droid said 38 deg.

A very encouraging run at this point and I am trying desperately to not become over-confident about marathon day.  Things are just gel-ing at every turn it seems...I know that anything can happen in the next 11 days and even ON race day...but still...oh and of course we still have to wonder about what Mother Nature will hand us on January 17th.

And I am super excited that tomorrows schedule only has me down for 4 miles!  Whaaat?  4 miles?  Excellent.


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