Sunday, December 26, 2010

What I've been up far as Getting my Groove on over the Holiday

Wednesday:  tempo run; 6 miles at 8:45 pace.  First time I have EVER run outside with music sans when I first started running way back in 2005 when I would run for 1 song, walk for 1 song... LOL .. true story.

Thursday:  Scheduled Rest day since long run moved up to Friday.

Friday:  12 miles.  50deg at start, some wind.  Forgot the Garmin!  But I know I was moving along at a good clip; felt awesome the whole way.  Pushed it the last two miles thanks to the girl that was ahead of me.  Goal was to pass her and pass her I did in a big way...I think I pissed her off :)  Since the route included 2 miles both ways through Memorial Park, and I hate running on that surface I opted to run the roads around instead.  Easy to do today since there was no traffic whatsoever around the loop.

Saturday:  No run.   Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday:  4 mile run;  30 deg with a feels like of 26?!?!?  At least the hurricane like force winds from yesterday are gone today!  Bundled up with some Nike capris, a Nike long sleeve, earband and gloves today!  brrrrr...and my new kicks!  Got 2 pair, a pair of my long time BFF Nike Triax and a pair of the new Asics...ran in the new Asics.  A review on them later; along with lots of pictures from the holidays! 

Followed the run up with 90 min of hot yoga!  I got in on a great special the other day:  $100 for 30 days on unlimited classes (they also have Pilates, PiYo and some other regular yoga type classes).  Normally the unlimited 30 day pass is $150, so I jumped at the offer that they ran for 1 day only for Facebook friends.  Now I just have to go enough each week to get my moneys worth!  Which if I go 3 times a week I will get that and more!  Felt grrreat getting my stretch on, sweating out some toxins and just overall getting some more calorie burn today!


Lauren said...

I really want to try hot yoga but the 105* room scares me! lol great job!

Karen said...

Great job on all the runs during the Holidays! The run 1 song walk 1 song thing is funny! It's amazing to see how far you've come, huh? (I feel that way about myself atleast!) :0) Yay for a good deal on Hot Yoga! Sounds awesome!