Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rainy Day Wednesday

Here in SE Texas we are in a drought, but today the skies opened up and boy howdy! we have been getting pouring down rain, thunder and lightning all day long!  We definitely need it.  Because I stalk watch the weather every morning, I knew that there was only a slight possibility that it would be over with by the time I got off work, so I packed up my gym bag to take to work with me just in case.  Glad I did!  It got worse closer and closer to quitting time so I hit the gym for my run today.

Nothing special; just a 6 mile progressive run.  I tried to pay special attention to my feet placement making sure that I am not over or under-pronating (in case that has something to do with the new hip issue).  I don't know if was the treadmill itself or my attentiveness to my stride, but my hip hurt much less than it has been after running.  I also paid more attention to my stride in general, being careful to run 'evenly'. 

Whatever the case, I felt good at the end. 

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