Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday Run Did Me In...

I should never have run on Saturday.  I felt better, but running in the cold and wind was no good..all I can say is thank goodness Blogger isnt voice, because I have no voice.  It went bye bye late yesterday afternoon.

The temperature read about 45deg yesterday morning, which normally isnt a big deal...only it got a bit colder as it neared sunrise...and it didnt feel at all windy at base but by the time I made my way into downtown I was freezing, and hating that I had taken my gloves off at the first water stop and thrown them into the back of E's truck..and because I didnt even think about wearing my earband, my ears and hands were frozen...I got more than just a little bit frustrated and knew by then that all the breathing in of the cold air was not going to be good.

The run itself, which was mainly pavement, but ended with some hills and softer terrain around the bayou, was ok.  Route was 12.5 miles and I didnt do any of the cloverleaf afterwards because I was just done.  I went at it nice and easy, maintaining an average of 10:20, but had a couple of sub 10's in there in the middle just for the heck of it.

After I was off to take care of Mom for the day/night so my sister could get some stuff done, and by 5pm I had lost my voice.  I had taken my Vicks Vapo and a packet of Theraflu with me, and by 9pm I was down for the count.  I had hoped it all would make me be able to talk this morning but nope...I am still voiceless unless whispering counts.  I dont feel bad, just sound it.

I worked all of 2 hours before they told me to just come home.  I was pretty much useless not being able to talk, and for whatever reason...the store was not busy.  Not like it should be the weekend before Christmas.  I am sure it will be crazy this coming week, but ahhhhh I wont know because I am, of course, part time there, and I have my regular job where I dont have to deal with shoppers!!!  The one good thing is that my running shoes are marked down though as the newer ones are to be in soon, so I put back a pair at $59, knowing full well by next weekend they'll be down to $49...normally $99...

So now its time for TheraFlu and a mid-afternoon nap!  I hope that by tomorrow I can at least speak above a whisper!


And in other news, I knew this couldn't be far from coming... a new marathon for our fair city in March 2012!!!


Anonymous said...

Get well soon!
I know I had a really hard time and I was just tired, I don't know how you did it sick :-(

take care of yourself.

Are you going to do that Woodlands race?

Adrienne said...

So pumped about The Woodlands Mara! I hope H-Town will begin to rival Austin in the active city dept.

Feel better, girl!

Anonymous said...