Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Saturdays outfit for 46deg run..I added gloves for the first 2 miles...but should have kept them on AND should have donned an earband as well...the winds were brutal once we got to downtown.  Brooks top and Lululemon Speed shorts.  Obviously this was taken before I learned how to use the self timer again on my camera.

I used a pink Sweaty Band and then put the silver sparkly one on top of that one...Must have sparkles!

Sock Monkey for Momma!!!  I love sock monkeys!! Notice the Women In Waders 2011 calendar in the basket next to him...thats for my nephew...  :o)  I am sure his wife will love me for that!  :)

My answer to no wrapping this year...I made gift baskets instead.  Lots of little trinkets and gift cards are stuck in those as well...I did have to wrap a couple of gifts since they wouldn't fit in the baskets...

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Vic said...

I think that's the same camera we have.