Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Product Review - ToeSox

As anyone who does hot yoga/Bikram, one would know that the one thing that is constant is the sweat.  I have been doing hot yoga for a couple of months now, and I have the same problems every single practice and that is that I find some poses difficult due to the amount of sweat that is pouring down my legs (and feet).  It also presents an issue with being able to keep your feet in certain spots when not positioned on the towel or the mat and even then it can be slippery.  For example when doing tree pose (I cannot position my feet in my upper thigh area without slipping or in the crease of my hip without more of the same) or standing bow (when I have to reach back behind me, grab my foot from the INSIDE and raise it to standing bow without my hands slipping and sliding trying to grip correctly therefore making it harder to concentrate on the pose).  These are just a couple of examples.  I had heard about socks that some yogi's use with the little 'pebbles' on the bottoms which help prevent slipping (and there are also towels made my YogiToes that are similar to prevent towel slippage).

So I put the above exact same socks on my amazon.com wish list and I did indeed get them for Christmas.  I was excited to try them out so on Sunday I donned them for practice and OH.  EM.  GEE.  Be still my little pitter patting beating heart!  These socks made all the difference in the world!  When I positioned my feet for any of the opening poses, standing and balance poses which make up basically the first 50 min of the 90 minutes, my feet stayed firmly planted and when I went into standing bow etc., my hand(s) were able to grip just fine and I could pose without having to wobble and put any concentration in the actual holding of my ankle(s).

These socks are also made of wicking material so at the end when I went into the floor series my socks were not the least bit soaking wet!  Win #2!

I wore them again today for my afternoon practice and honestly I wish I had had these all along!  (I also ran this morning so it was a 2 workout day!)

Because I love these things so much, I went online to amazon.com and ordered another pair (black)!!! 

If you have trouble like I did, give these socks a try!  I am certain they will make your practice so much more enjoyable!


Amanda@runninghood said...

Great Review! I have never tried hot yoga and I really want to! Even if I don't "need" these socks, they are so cute and would be just fun to wear around the house with my kids. How many times a week do you do yoga?

Jamoosh said...

I have a couple of pair of Injinji toe socks that I use on my runs. I love them!

Junie B said...

amanda: at least 2 times a week, but now going 3-4 for the next month since i got in on a great deal for 30 day pass. the non slip would be good for slick floors!

jamoosh: could never use these for running. too thick and with the 'pebbles' on the bottom; would be uncomfortable to run in! these are specific to yoga! but a lot of people use those injinji!