Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm a Little Bit Off... in on Sunday.  :O)  I was off on Sunday. 

Twas not supposed to be, but after a very, very long day on Saturday which included a long run with hills, and over 6 hours on my feet at the Locker and then to a birthday party with a friend of mine, I was up almost 24 hours.  So when Sunday rolled around I didn't feel 'good'. 

Therefore I called in to the Locker because there was no way I could work.  And of course that meant there was no way I could run.  oh sure I could have, but instead I chose to do what (the majority) of Sunday is for and that is for rest. 

I still got a lot accomplished, most importantly going through the 5 feet high pile of presents that I kept just stashing and stacking over each other behind the couch and along side of it too!  I needed to get this done because I am doing baskets and I needed to get everything in its place to see where I might need to fill in some 'holes'.  Thankfully there is really only 1 hole that needs filling and thats for my nephew.  Easy enough to deal with.  Gift card from Academy and probably one from Whataburger.  He'll be a happy man.  He gets so much crap from my sister anyway, it wont even matter.

I also managed to feel better enough to get a little dance party going on in my living room, kinda sorta like Cameron or Kate in The Holiday...I had been messing around with my iTunes and decided to just kinda crank it up and began dancing around the living room.  I have to tell you, while I am certain I may have looked like a crazy person, I thoroughly wore myself out even more but couldn't help laughing. 

Sometimes you have to do just like what is suggested:  Dance like no one is watching...

I didn't run, I didn't do yoga, I just danced.  It was fantastic.

And then this morning....well this morning I decided I liked my flannel sheets more than I liked my running shoes.  Plus it was 33deg outside and I just didn't want to go out there :O)

So I saved my run until the afternoon where I was going to run on the treadmill but it is so nice out with temps at mid-50's and sunshine, it would be just plain ass stupid to stay indoors!  I decided to do a new route I had put together last week which is a 4 mile route (loop) then I before hitting the casa I turned again to make the route right about 5 miles. I loved the new route!  I went down some areas I never even drive through and it gave me new areas to look for a new place to live!  I will just have to do my homework after the first of the year to get some idea of the $$ associated with them.. There are sooooooooooo many places for lease!!

Now home enjoying a big bowl of yummy 15 bean soup that I started in the crock pot before I left for work this how I love my crock pot!  I only use it pretty much in the Fall/Winter but its a life saver and keeps me on point with my eating!

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Karen said...

I love it! You are so right about dancing like no one is watching! It sounds like you had an awesome day!!! :0)