Monday, December 20, 2010

"...I'm a woman of very few words, but lots of action..." Mae West

Ah...but I woke up with my voice back today!  Not 100% but much better than the last 2 days!!!

I woke up with the alarm, said 'hello' out loud to myself to see if I was indeed able to speak, but still thought I had better not run this morning before work.

I packed my gym bag before leaving the house...with clothes to run at the gym, and do some weights, and then some clothes to change into for a 6:15pm class of hot yoga!  I don't really like the 6:15 classes because with it being 90 min and the drive home, it means I don't get home until after 8pm; and yes I am complaining even though the 'drive' I speak of is about 4 miles.  Me no likey getting home late like that. 

But since I have been on top of my game, there is very little to do in the way of chores, nor is it a date night, so its not like I don't have the time to spare this evening...

45 min run on the treadmill
30 min of weights/cardio bursts

90 min hot yoga (was a rough one; she had the humidity up higher than usual, so I couldn't stop the sweat with my hand towel fast enough from running into every orifice of my body ;)  AND I went through 2 full bottles of water...I never do that!  I know I didnt drink enough water today, and with the running and the weights, I probably was a bit dehydrated to begin with.

Whew wee!  I am calling it a night!


Melissa asked:  Will I be doing the new Woodlands race in March 2012? 
  • I am sure that I will be in some capacity (full or half, I dont know yet).  I heard that registration opens up January 31, 2011 (day after Houston Marathon), but I suspect that the Woodlands race won't see many sign ups until people find out if they made it into Houston 2012 to be honest.  I said that I wasnt going to train for another marathon until I could get under 2 hours at the 13.1 and I am sticking to that.  Since the Woodlands will also have a half marathon, I am pretty certain I'll be signing up for that no ifs, ands or buts about it.  March can be tricky for a full marathon if one doesn't like to do marathons in warmer weather.  You just never know what you are going to get even though one would think that early March would be a safe bet for cool weather...

And one last thing:  Do you like pictures on here, no, or you could care less?  I just recently figured out the self timer on my little camera, but I am not going to keep doing photos if no one really cares?  I don't want to come across as some idiot who likes to take photos of herself for no reason!  I just like photos on all the other blogs I read; makes it more interesting and I feel connected on a different level.  Plus its just fun to look at pictures!

Thoughts?  Yay or nay?  I am up over 300 reads a day on here, so surely SOMEONE has an opinion :)


Danielle said...

what a workout! I don't like getting home late either..atleast since it's dark so early right now.

I like the pictures!!

TX Runner Mom said...

You kicked ass with your workouts today! As for the pictures, keep'em! I always think they make blogs more fun.

saroy said...

I always like blogs with pictures more than those without. Keep 'em.

Pony and Petey said...

I LUV pics on blogs!! I enjoy hearing about others' lives and SEEING details makes it all the more interesting!!

Vic said...

I vote for pictures. I even like pictures of food. :)

Jamoosh said...

I am not sure about the Woodlands Marathon, but I have plenty of time to decide. It seems more of a competitor for Seabrook, which is also in March, than Houston. It sounds like they are trying to go "big" in which case I would probably opt for Seabrook if I had to choose.

Junie B said...

sorry jamoosh, seabrook is NOT a competitor; for any race imho. i exactly one person that does Seabrook. woodlands in my opinion will be a draw for those that a) want to train later in the 'winter' here or b) dont get into houston or c) want to 'sock it' to houston :/

my ? to you on your blog was not whether you would do it or communication skills are either lacking or you're just a doe-doe head :o)

Anonymous said...

I care, I read daily, even if I don't have time to comment all of the time (or if I read it on my itouch, it's a pain to respond that way).

Sounds like a neat race. I'd maybe consider it, but I think i'm going to stick with Angies