Sunday, July 31, 2011

Where I Went and Where I'm Going

I figured I would switch up the way I post the Week at a Glance posts and call it Where I Went and Where I'm Going.  This will give a recap of the previous week and what's on the agenda for the next.

First...Where I Went:

Monday - 6 miles incl 2min at med effort/2min easy x 6 - Done (this actually happened on Wednesday)
Tuesday - Bikram - Done
- 8 miles - speed  - Actual:  7 miles, 3 in the am and 4 in the pm which included the speed workout (this actually happened on Monday)
Thursday - 3 miles am  Overslept! Gah!   Bikram pm - Done
Friday - Rest day - Done
- Long run - 17 miles
Sunday - Recover - Done

Where I'm Going (all running outdoors this week w the exception of Saturday will be done under the cover of darkness in the am hours due to the extreme heat we are supposed to have (every day is 101-103 real temp with heat indexes in excess of 108-110):

Monday - 6 miles am (no gym since I have a memorial service this evening)

Tuesday - Bikram
Wednesday - 8 miles w/speed  (will probably do a double, w/ the speed portion on the treadmill)

Thursday - 3 miles am - Bikram pm

Friday - Rest day
Saturday -  Long run - 18 miles
Sunday - Recover

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