Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why You Gotta Mess Things Up (Tropical Storm) Don?

Well shit.  Not that there is a tropical storm/possible hurricane coming our way because honestly, we need the damn rain.  Bad. 
However, this damn thing is, if it does come here, supposed to make landfall Friday night into Saturday morning. 
Shit fire.  This is going to screw up my  long run this weekend!
Personally I am hoping for the fuschia or red line that way we still get rain, but not to impact things to the point where alternate plans have to be implemented.

So I know its only Wednesday and we don't even know if this damn thing is going to come here or not, but being the obsessed good runner that I am, I have my alternate plans in place.
And yes of course I am going to share with you.

Plan A)  No storm or pouring down rain on Saturday morning?  Run 17 miles with Kenyan Way as planned
Plan B) Storm comes and/or its pouring down rain but KW run is still on?  This is highly doubtful but this would be a game time decision that morning.  Just how hard its pouring down would be the factor for me.  I probably would move to Plan C (see below)
Plan B (squared))  Because I dont see Plan B (1) actually being a viable Plan B, Coach reschedules Saturday run to Sunday?  Crisis averted.  I would then probably run a few miles on Friday instead of resting.  Saturday would then be the rest day.  And run 17 miles on Sunday. 

You still with me?

Plan C: Coach calls off long run for the entire weekend?  I thought about this one, and figured if this happens, my plan is to run a cut back week on my own - 10 miles or so on Saturday or Sunday, then pick back up with a 17-18 miler next Saturday as scheduled. 

I don't see myself doing a 17 miler on my own (not this year), setting up water stops etc., and I will be damn if I do the hamster wheel thing by running loops, other than maybe 3 loops of Rice.  I did that whole 6 loops of Memorial once (I thought I was going to die here) and last year I did 2 loops of Rice/Hermann and then another few loops of just Rice to bang out a long run during hiatus while training for Chicago 2010.  At least with this one, there were several of us that were partaking in this rogue long run.

Have your long runs ever been twarted by Mother Nature and you had to have alternate plans in place?  What was it?  What did you do?

Hurricane Ike happened in September 2008 and I was training for a November 1st NYC Marathon.  Once we knew for sure it was coming, I moved my long run of 17 miles to that Friday. 

Going back and reading I realized this is when I did loops of Memorial.  Funny that I thought it was for some other marathon, but I think I was thinking of a time when I went to Memorial to support a friend of mine as he had to do something like 7 loops.  Anyway, because at the time of Ike, I had just lost my job I had the luxury of rearranging my long run to a normal business day.  I dont feel the pressure this time to make it work.  I can just pick up where I left off next weekend if need be.  Thats the good thing about being a bit more seasoned of a marathoner. 
You know you can adjust according to life.  And not freak the hell out about it.


kderoll said...

I feel like an idiot, I had no idea there might be a tropical storm coming. Maybe I should pay attention to the weather/news? or maybe you could just post an update on Friday? I'd rather just read your blog.

Junie B said...

LOL! I will keep you posted fo sho!

K said...

I plan to run my 20 on Friday night. I am highly doubtful that it will hit here... they just need something to talk about other than the debt ceiling.
Another option, June... how about 10 in the morning and 7 at night? It splits it up, but still works.
If it does rain, I will embrace it. And so will my crunchy grass.

Tara @ said...

Ah, I totally didn't make the connection between this storm and running on Saturday. My mind just said "Yipee, rain"... Now I'm torn!