Friday, July 29, 2011

See this face?

Don't let it fool you.  It's the face of a monster.

I honestly don't know what to do with this little guy in the mornings.  He has started waking up around 4am again, and when he wakes up it means its time to go nutso!  The past 2 mornings I have gotten up, thrown him into the living room and shut my door so I could sleep a bit more. 
It would be fine I guess if he was just climbing all over the place, but he takes to climbing the bed posts and I am trying to keep that to a minimum until Tuesday (when he goes in for declawing).  I get sad every day when I see more scratches on them.  He literally attaches himself at the bottom and claws his way to the top.  At least thats the only thing he likes to demolish with those claws of his.  Other than my arms but thats because I tend to play a bit rough with him and sometimes misjudge his quickness, so thats not his fault :O)

Outside of that, when I do get up, its non-stop full on tazmanian devil until I walk out the door.  I don't know, maybe because he slept all night he is just raring to go but this morning took the cake.  He was flying around the apartment and he jumped the couch to the dining room table to the bar and as he went to fly onto the sink area, he knocked off a couple of bowls and they went tumbling down, down, down...into...THE LITTER BOX!!!

This is went I went beserk-o on him.  I gave him a really good spanking, good enough that he definitely knew he had done something wrong..and that Momma was mad as a hornet.

I keep thinking to myself that the declawing will calm him down, but it wont.  I don't remember so far back when I had Harley at this age (lets face it that was around 1990 and who can remember back that far given my history), but I certainly don't think he was this rambuncious!  (I am certain I just misspelled that).

So I just keep'll be better when I move (just over a month from now! Yay!). 
He will have more room to run around in, especially when I throw him out of my room and shut the door.  :O)

Thankfully in the evenings it isnt near as bad.  He wants to be loved on when I first get home, then he wants to play and then he wants to sleep.

I look forward to the day when he is like this:

And then I no longer will be like this:

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Nikki said...

Hi June! This is Jamie's friend, Nikki (we actually met like YEARSSSS ago at Ag Kickoff or something like that in College Station. Before I was really much of a runner aside from the treadmill). Anyhow...found your blog through hers and am enjoying reading it! I'm in the Houston area too, so I'm suffering in the heat right along with you. My next (5th) half marathon is actually in 2 weeks in Chicago and I lived in IL for 3.5 years so one of my IL friends is running her first half in Chicago this year. So I have a special place in my heart for Chicago runners. :) Re: the cat...have you heard of Soft Claws? A friend of mine uses them with her 3 cats and they work well!