Friday, July 1, 2011

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall...99 Bottles of Beer...

or rather 99 days to Chicago Marathon!!!

Last night I met the girls for an easy exploratory run over at WOB.  We met at Freebirds, then ran over I-10 and started on our way.  We had no idea where we were going, but we started East since that would put the sun at our back.  It was still 97 deg at 6:45pm when we started.  AND full sun.  Didnt take that into consideration beforehand! 
Part of our run was along the bayou, then some through the woods/trails (reminded me of running the Ho but not nearly as lengthy), and then we went into WP neighborhood for a bit just to capture the shady streets and to be off trail and the little hills!

We only ended up doing about 4 miles, which is fine.  It was brutal though.  My skin actually 'hurt' from the cake of salt that covered just about every inch of my body and I had rubbed my face to wipe the sweat so much that it actually was a bit 'raw'.

The entire run was spent chatting (lots of gossip!), and then afterwards we sat outside of Freebirds with cold water and more girl talk while sun set and it felt really awesome at that point!  LOL.  We were supposed to head off to Chuy's but it had gotten late and I needed to get home to spend some time with the nugget (read:  wear his ass out before time for me to hit the sheets so maybe he would sleep AND let me sleep!).  BTW this worked in that he went right to sleep when I did but he still woke my ass up at 4am wanting to play!  I finally got up, gave him some food and then shut my bedroom door and actually slept in till 6am for a change!  Whatever damage he does in the living room because he is pissed off?  Well I say whatever.  It can either be fixed or replaced!  LOL!

So happy that its Friday Rest Day.  Happy hour after work though at a new little place near work! Tomorrow we run long! 

Enjoy the holiday weekend!  No work for me whatsoever and plans every day with this one, that one...and the next one.  ;o)

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Xaarlin said...

Crap! 99 days already?!?

Have a great weekend!