Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gentlemen You Have Been Warned (and Its Hard Out Here Bein' a Pimp)

I think it is pretty obvious that my blog has taken somewhat of a turn...for the better I hope!  I am still in the process of that whole move to self hosting, etc. stuff, but the goal is to keep capturing followers (this will help me in my quest for advertisers and products for review and giveaways), and to keep increasing the hits per day (whether they are a follower or not) which also entices advertisers.  My stats are increasing every day, some days over 400 reads, some days not 200 (mostly on weekends, with readership up obviously on Mondays being the heaviest day for readers.

But as I say all of that, I guess its safe to say and not to assume that anyone cares or has figured out the exact direction I am taking the content of this blog to:  Women in their 40's and 50's!  Of course health (with an obvious lean towards running/marathon/half marathon training), whether its clean eating, taking care of your outside (fashion, shoes or even your skin health!), exercise or health issues, knows no number so the content should, for the most part, be applicable to all ages. 

I obviously have gone from my earlier years to the now years, having experienced a lot from all that your 20's and 30's have to offer, both good and bad, and the transition into your 40's can be quite trying to say the least.  Maybe in that respect, my words can be of assistance as well.  I know my readers run the gamut when it comes to age.

Now having said alllllllllllllllllllll of that...this is where the Gentlemen You Have Been Warned title comes into play...and I know I have quite a few men readers; I just want you to know that obviously you are more than welcome to continue reading, but I did want to state now that some of the content going forward might make you squeamish or just downright uncomfortable.  But then again, it might help you too!!!  You have girlfriends and wives!!! 

I don't want any men dropping off the email subscribe or the followers list now!!  I'm watching!

But I also want help in obtaining more followers obviously.  So please tell a friend(s) or another blogger(s) or YOUR followers about the site and help a girl out!  The more I get and the faster I get them, the faster some giveaways should start rolling out!  I am contacting companies already when I get the time, but its a slow process!!!

Thanks in advance...both to the women AND the men!!!  Yes, I am so pimpin' my blog...  :O)


Tara @ said...

wow! 400 hits? I'm excited when I break 50. I have you on my blogroll and it looks like people click regularly.

Jamoosh said...

Luke's should support one of your giveaways and you should rig it for you know who!