Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Q&A -

I have gotten a couple of questions re: races/marathons that I have referenced before, but cannot be found on this blog.

Thats easy enough to answer.  I had a previous blog (lifeshighway.blogspot.com) where my first marathon (2007), my first race (2005), my first half (2006) and various other running ventures are bound by print in the internet world.  There was NYC Marathon (2008), which was my first sub 5 marathon...so many memories and good stories.

However, that blog has been locked down and no one but me has access to it.  In 2007 though when I shut it down (in 2009), there were some very, very dark times indeed and my personal life (which is ok with balance) was just too much in your face and I had some crazy situations/moments that I had documented that I just no longer really wanted anyone to have access to.  It was in 2009 that I left a piece of my past in that blog and thats where it should stay. 

Sometimes I think about copying those posts over to the new blog (not sure exactly how to do that other than the obvious), and probably will do it at some point...I would indeed at least like to have the highlighted (monumental) races all in one place!

If anyone has a question, no matter what it is, just ask in a comment or send privately to me at txmusicbug@yahoo.com  I recently changed my main email address, and its still active, and I do still check it since I didnt give my new one to just anyone. :O), however I don't think everyone needs to know my first and last name (and yes I just edited this blog post to take it off)  :O)


Jamoosh said...

Blogger allows you to export posts from one blog to another.

Junie B said...

Thank you Jamoosh! I found online help on how to do it, so in the process of that now. This still could take a while :)