Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kenyan Way - Long Run - Cut Back Week

86% humidity
Feels like temp: 87

Ah, you gotta love a cut back week.  I only had 9 miles on the schedule today, but our route (another boooooooooring one:  River Oaks Loop; come on Coach, quit being lazy with the routes :)

I actually intended on doing the full loop even though it was 10 miles, but since I woke up early enough, ready enough and at base in plenty of time, I did 2 miles before the group start and figured 3.5 miles into the route, flip a bitch and head back.  The only bad thing about this option was that all of the balance would be run IN the portion of River Oaks that is basically void of air.  Seriously back there its like someone just vacuumed out any air, wind, whatever.  But its what I was gonna do.

I started out with CM and we ran the whole way together.  She has been injured and needed a motivator so it all worked out.  She had me walk two times but very briefly and I was happy to oblige a fellow KW'er in her time of need.  She has been on the treadmill so running in the heat and humidity were tough for her this first time out in it basically.  But she held her own.  I did have to slow for her sometimes but she would find her 2nd wind and we would fall back into pace.

I really needed this solid run this morning, and even though it was a cut back week, it still always feeds the ego when a run regardless of distance goes so well.

My hip is still giving me issues, but nothing that some rolling and stretching shouldnt help so says Coach since I finally decided to ask him about it.  He thinks its a product of some ITB issues, nothing more than that.

I was diligent with my salt tabs and no matter what, when I do that, I always seem to do better.  Even if it is a pain to have to take them on the run.  And its always a boost when you see so many walking and you're still going strong.

Next week its upping mileage again.  16 miles.  I haven't seen that for quite some time...6 weeks to September.  And hopefully a break in the temperatures.  We just have to get through Ugh-ust.

How was your run this weekend?  How far?  Are you ready for cooler weather?


Karen said...

I had 10 miles yesterday, too. Ugh I agree - we could use a break in this weather...bring on Fall!! lol

Lauren said...

Glad your run went so well, despite some of the hip pain. I hope the rolling/stretching does the trick.

And yes - I am definitely ready for cooler weather! I mean, I love the summer for everything EXCEPT running. I ran a 10 mile race in 80-degree heat yesterday and it was tough. I can't wait for some cooler fall runs in the future.