Monday, July 11, 2011

Marathon Playlist - Part II

So I have gotten a few comments and emails from some that cannot see the songs on the playlists I posted a few weeks back.  I can see it on my computer at home, but I cannot here at work (I figure its a version of browser problem).

If anyone cannot see it, I apologize.  I can either email you it in text form, plus I will be trying to get a post or two up in text form to replace those as well.  I am just curious if this is across the board or just random?

Marathon Playlist

Only Go Fast Marathon Playlist


Also, I have FINALLY finished exporting and importing all of the posts from my old blog that had anything to do with races, race photos, race reports etc...I think I got them all.  My first ever 'race' was in December 2005, and so thats as far back as I went.  :O).  The labeling to the right will help navigate for anyone that is interested and not signed up to receive via email or google reader.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't see the playlist :( I love seeing what everyone is listening too.

Junie B said...

You people should have told me! LOL!

OK this might take some time to do it in text form, but I will make good on it!

Anonymous said...

Can you e-mail it to me? Thanks!

JunieB said...

Clint, you didnt send me an email addy in comment or via my email, so hopefully you will see the post. :O)