Thursday, July 28, 2011

Training Motivation - 2nd Place Who?

I like to think that in my mind, I am always 1st.  It's important to take these 1st vs 2nd place types of motivational pieces with a grain of salt.  Not necessarily literally to be 1st against anyone else out there, but in your mind, in your place, in your are 1st.  You are the winner.
Train like you mean it...Train like you're a monster.  And then on race day, don't leave anything out there.

The music alone at the end of this video sent chills up my spine, made me want to kick off these high heels and go running circles around our floor here at work!


Knock Knock.  Who's there?  2nd place.  2nd place who?

Got any good motivational videos to share???  Comment on email me links so I can share with everyone!

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NY Wolve said...

Right up my alley!

And this is a longer one, so let it get going if you haven't seen before: