Thursday, July 14, 2011

When You Have to be Your Own Motivational Speaker (and You Suck at It)

I think because we are down to only 86 days until race day in Chicago, and because it seems like I didn't take a break this year (I haven't), and its about a gazillion degrees here now, that its no wonder I am in a bit of a funk when it comes to getting the miles in.

Not to mention that this week my entire body has just hurt.  Sore all over.  Especially the right hip (yes its back).  Oh and Mother Nature sent TOM to visit too.

Yesterday morning it took every ounce of energy I could muster to get out of bed.  And when I did, as I said, everything hurt.  Last week I had made plans with a friend to explore the Ho (Ho Chi Minh trail here in HTown), but I knew that wasnt going to happen.  As a matter of fact I made the decision early in the day yesterday to just call it a URD (unscheduled rest day) and let my mind be free of any obligations as it pertained to running or training in general.

There wasn't even space in my brain to play 'the game' I usually play with myself. 

Or so I thought.

I did in fact just go straight home and changed into my favorite outfit.  Boxers and a wife beater.  You just cant get more sexy than that :O)  But at least I was cool.  The heat index was 105deg when I left work.  Ugh.

I then decided that since I wasnt going to run, I should do a load of laundry.  Goodness I cant wait to have my very own washer and dryer again!!!  I use to never procrastinate on laundry before I started living here!  So I got that started in the resident laundry room and then decided to just lay around and watch the news...

Well as it got a bit closer to 6:30 I began to think that I could just go out and do a 3 mile loop.  It wasnt near what my schedule called for but 3 miles is nothing really.  So I decided to do exactly that. 

At 6:45 I laced up, put on the Ipod and headed down Hazard towards Shepherd.  I ran zig zag down some of the other streets off and on for a change of scenery and of course found a really nice townhome with a For Lease sign but it probably was running close to $1500 I bet...I even came across a oh so pretty calico cat that I just had to stop and talk to.  :O)  There was no collar but she was too fat and friendly not to belong to someone.  I just dont understand people having outdoor cats in a neighborhood where they could get run over!!!

The first half mile or so, my legs just didnt want to go, but eventually things weren't so bad and at the end of the day I am glad that I went out and did something.  I never regret a workout.  Even if its not really a workout you know?

Today isnt better, but I took 4 ibuprofen before I left the house.  I really probably should take an extra day off, but I figure Saturdays run is only 9 miles this week.  I should be good as new by Monday...  :O)

I think everyone loses motivation from time to time but it just sucks when its in the middle of a training for a marathon time you know?  Here are some things that tend to help me with motivation:

  1. Play 'the game'
    1. The game is simple.  On those days I dont want to or just dont give a crap, I play my game.  Where I say 'ok just go out and run 1 mile.  If at 1 mile you still dont want to, then you stop and walk home.'  Same goes for the gym.  Just give it 15min.  Usually, more often than not, I finish what I should have done, and all is right with the world.  And even on those days that it doesnt (like yesterday), its ok.  3 miles < 0 miles.
  2. Read a healthy living or fitness blog
    1. Lord knows this works!  At least for me.  I have so many that I read, more than what you see in the sidebar and generally it helps.  One of the reasons I like the ones that the bloggers dont only write the unicorns/glitter crap.  Give me the realz.  I wanna see other people having crappy days and crappy runs.  :O)
  3. Set a goal.  For just that day/week.
    1. Sort of like #2, only be more specific.  Maybe just reduce the mileage(s) a bit for each day for that week.  And that if you do that, you can reward youself.  Maybe a new Sweaty Band or a movie date with yourself.
  4. Watch a movie that always inspires you.
    1. This is my favorite!  I have so many that get me all pumped up!  Spirit of the Marathon, Remember the Titans, G.I. Jane just to name a few.  I own a lot of 'running movies' (other than SOTM) which inspire me as well...its just good to have a few on hand, or DVR them if they ever come on the tube and save them for future use.
  5. Talk to a (like minded) friend.
    1. Another one of my favorites.  Sometimes it can be over email or text.  But having someone to listen to your frustrations without judgement or without trying to 'solve' your insides are just what a person needs.  I know I tend to, just from talking, eventually talk myself right back into a good mood or ready to take on the next days running or workout!
Or read something like this:

What advice can you give for someone struggling with motivation?  What advice can you give ME?  What movie always inspires you?!?!?  What day is it?  :O)  Are you guys reading?  Let everyone besides me know you are out there!!!  Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Motivation advice isn't my strong suit. I think you are motivating yourself by fessing up for public viewing... I know I hate to announce I didn't do something I said I was going to. Peer pressure, motivation, whatever.

It's Thursday and I'm reading. I feel ya, my comments have shrunk lately but my viewing is up. Maybe I'm just boring.

Lisa said...

What running movies do you own?
I have SOTM but was looking for more.

JunieB said...

Lisa, will post those either this evening or tomorrow; I cant remember them all, but Run Fatboy Run is a good funny one that I do love!

TRG: my viewership is way up as well, but very little comments. What can I say sometimes I can be such a comment whore ;o)

Adrienne said...

I agree with "the game": breaking it down and thinking about the positives of working out-regardless of how small or redonkulous they sound. What matters is the sense that you did it at the end.

I tell myself this, especially in the summer: "for every crappy workout, there's a good one awaiting". Seems to work. Just have to accept that the good workout may not be instantaneous, but still way worth it!

Also-microgoals in the training cycle are big.

...hope that makes sense...and people pay me for this type of thing ;)!

saroy said...

Love the new look! Very nice.

And this motivated me to run today. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

No more "Boston Dream Pie"? :-(
Like the new blog/look though!

I have been motivated to get out the door for 40 something years of running/cycling or swimming-hell sometimes it's just a long walk. Get dressed and go outside. The rest usually takes care of itself!
Plus I know how great I will feel (usually) once I am deep into the workout or almost done!