Monday, July 25, 2011

Week At a Glance

Monday - 6 miles incl 2min at med effort/2min easy x 6
Tuesday - Bikram
Wednesday - 8 miles - speed
Thursday - 3 miles am/Bikram pm
Friday - Rest day
Saturday - Long run - 17 miles
Sunday - Recover

I am giving it another week with not running 5 days a week.  It didnt seem to hurt anything on my long run, actually the opposite.  My legs felt a bit refreshed instead of beat all to hell.

Also I might be switching Monday and Wednesday.  I have a conflict on Wednesday that would prevent me from doing the speed workout as I like to do that on the treadmill in this heat, and the gym just wont be possible on Wednesday.  It would be much easier to do speed tomorrow.

The plan is to get up and run an easy 3 in the morning before work (DONE!), then the balance/speed in the gym after work.  Then Wednesday I could just do the 6 miles with the 2/2x6 which is easier to fit in with my schedule.  So basically it looks like only 1 day in the gym this week, which kinda sucks but life happens right?  ;)

Really everything seems to be easy in comparison to the long run on Saturday :)

Speaking of which, and something I didnt even think about this time around, is that in between Spring session and Summer session and then before the Winter marathon program starts, KW always has a 1-2 week hiatus.  Typically one week, but this time around its 2 weeks.

What I didnt think about was how this was going to fall for my Chicago Marathon training and my long runs.  This past Saturday was supposed to be the last Saturday long run until August.  Which also means that my 17 and 18 miler would have to be done completely on my own.  Gah!  Last year I had one Saturday where I had to do this, but there were others and we put up our own water stops and figured the route easiest to accomodate that.  It worked but it wasnt ideal.

However we got an email this week saying:  THERE WOULD BE NO HIATUS THIS TIME AROUND!  Woo to the hoo!!!  We would still have the Saturday runs (but no weekly meets; but this didnt concern me since I do my weekly stuff on my own).  I am so stoked about this you cannot even imagine!  I was seriously thinking about buying a water belt!

One of my friends is actually considering the water belt anyway, because lets face it, if you arent a really fast runner, 2 miles could be anywhere from 18-26 minutes without fluid and in this heat/humidity that can be pretty bad.  I know sometimes I wish in between water stops that I had a drink of something!  You just lose so much fluid out there!!!  I just dont know if I could go back to even a 2 bottle belt and a handheld is OUT of the question on a long run.  I would end up throwing it into someones yard before it was all said and done! :)

Thoughts on a water belt even if I have water stops every 2 miles in this heat/humidity?  Or do I just suck it up buttercup like I have every other Summer during marathon training?

And because I love this little guy so much, I have to leave you with these:

Man he looks like he has a big booty in this photo!  He loves to be right next to Momma at all times!

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TX Runner Mom said...

That nugget is a cutie! Since I have trained the past 2 seasons alone, but in my neighborhood, I have gotten used to carrying my handheld and then refilling in my driveway as needed. Now that I am training with a group again, there is water out there but I will be doing lots of miles alone beforehand...which means I may go back to my fuelbelt. I hate it, but it's just too damn hot to not have water/gatorade.