Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Proof That I am Still VERY Much a Girl :)

You like?


K said...

I like the new look of the blog! The shoes? I don't know. They look awfully cute and very little for my big ole size 8.5s and besides... I'm a klutz. I trip over air. Do you know the damage I could do with a pair of those things? And damage means no running. And no running means I drive people around here crazy. And then you'd hear about some psycho killer in the Hoodlands. So, I'll stay in my barefeet, flipflops and running treads. But you... You would look marvelous in these pretties!

TX Runner Mom said...

I love'em. Seeing these make me realize how much I've "mommy-ized" my wardrobe. I used to dress so cute, but now I don't even go shopping. And if I do, it's to buy tri gear, lol!