Monday, July 11, 2011

Ain't No Cure for the Summertime Blues

Start time 4:45am
Temp: 80deg
Humidity: 86%

Down here in what they call the Bayou City, you just learn to live with the hell on earth conditions every Summer.  And to be quite honest with you, I actually love it warm and steamy.  Just not if I have to run, and apparently I do?  :O)

I had 15 miles to do and if it took me all morning I was going to do them all.  At one time.  Unlike last weekend.  :)

What was so funny was the amount of cars and people that were already there when I rolled up around 4:40am.  I took off down Memorial for my normal little 4 mile loop (and Coach had put out water at the halfway point there so that was good), then came back to base up Blossom.  Then took off for another 1.5 before it was 2 min to take off (group start).  I changed my shoes and socks at this point.  The socks were soaked through already, but the shoes were fine more or less, but I just changed them out just the same.

Everything was fine and dandy up until I got close to the 2nd water stop (mile 10 for me) then things started waning.  So instead of continuing on the actual route (where I would have to encounter a couple of mini hills on the way back to base), I chose to head back the way I had came since Coach said the 1st water stop was still there.  This is where it became a run/walk, which is fine; it kept me going in the forward motion and I liked the solitude all the way back.

One thing of note, and I so wished I had some sort of camera/phone with me, because I didn't know what to make of this.  Part of our route (along the bike path through Heights/Downtown) goes through a somewhat sketchy parts of town, and there is one spot along the way, not far from the 2nd water stop (where its very heavily overgrown with brush etc.) that was just kind of a cleared area.  Very close to the bike path, I first noticed what appeared to be a 'picture' or a plaque sitting up against an old rail tie about 10 feet off the path.  It looked to be an old piece of wood with some sort of makeshift cross on it made out of something brassy.  Thats when I noticed what was sitting up on the rail cross tie.  I could tell, even from 10 ft away I could tell that there were several Bibles laid upon it, all of them open randomly.  Curiousity got the best of me, and I ventured closer, taking small steps, looking around to see if anyone was going to jump out at me for disturbing their 'space'.  There were also a couple of other books, spiritual in nature, and a random VHS tape that all I remember on the cover was something Desert Storm.

I wish now I would have paid attention if the Bibles were opened to any thing in particular or that would stand out, but its my guess that all of this stuff belonged to a homeless person, who probably is some Veteran of a war.  A couple of girls ran by at that point heading towards the water stop and I pointed it out, but they seemed uninterested.  I found it fascinating.  I thought about who that person was now (or back then) and got a bit sentimental.  I have a soft spot in my heart for Veterans and for homeless Veterans in particular.

Anyway, made it back to base in one piece, chatted with some of the KW clan (hadnt seen Bill in forEVAH!) and then headed on my merry way home. 

This coming Saturday is cut back week!  I plan on taking this one like I did the last cut back week.  A bit faster with the last couple of miles at GMP.  We'll see if that works out as planned.  :)

How were your long training runs this week?  How far?  Have you ever come across something interesting but yet kinda creepy/weird also?

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