Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Get a Move On Will Ya???

I'm moving!

I thought I was going to wait until next Spring, but for the past 6 months I have wanted more and more to just be gone from my current residence already.  It served its purpose and then the small things just began to overwhelm me and I found myself more and more discontent.  Reasons include but are not limited to:
  • SMALL kitchen; absolutely NO counter space for prep and/or having something stay out, like a toaster, smoothie maker or even my little food processor! 
  • SMALL bathroom; with little to no air flow and I die every Summer when I have to blow dry my hair, and no, there are no other outlets in the bedroom in a place that is convenient to a mirror even though one whole wall practically is a mirror
  • No washer/dryer.  No dishwasher.  Enough said.  As first I was ok with it.  No. More.  And because of no dishwasher AND no counter space, my 'bar' has to serve as where I put dishes to dry and my microwave...ugh...
  • It won't stay clean i.e. its just dusty all the time.  As does my car.  Weird since I am surrounded by concrete
  • Every unit is right next to the pool.  And its loud.  No matter how many times the landlord threatens them, it comes back within a few weeks.  I hate it.  There is no getting away from it.  Even with the tv on you can hear the music or just the yelling from the water volleyball matches
  • Covered parking.  I just now got covered parking after 2 years and the ass end of my car sticks out
  • It stays COLD in the winter.  I have to wear 4 layers of clothes just to watch tv and 2 layers to bed!
Anyway, I just hate it there, and you know I recently just got a new 'children' and I overheard a girl at the pool (while sitting on my porch) that they just recently said 'no cats'.  Now I figure since we werent notified etc., that I would be grandfathered in, but who knows.  My landlord, while she does like me, she can be a bitch and I basically kiss her ass so that I don't have issues.  They are on vacation right now, and I figured she is going to find out I have the Nugget and I don't want to have to be faced with a possible forced move out.

So I started scoping out places on my runs and on bike rides, or driving home from work.  I also went to Craigslist and scoured there.  I would call and email on ones that I thought might work, mostly looking at duplex units/townhomes and small complexes too.  Eventually one led me to a realtor.  Basically I saw a lot of frogs before I found the prince.  And I also sent out a lot of emails and made a lot of calls that went unanswered!  Frustrating!!

I would highly recommend a realtor and/or a locator type of person.  I gave her what my price range was, what I couldnt live without and what wasnt that important and she did the looking and would email me properties.  I could set up a walk through or scratch off the list right away.

Two days ago she sent me a listing and I recognized the exterior and knew that I had run by this place before, so yeah, I went and looked and LOVED it!!!  Its about 5 miles from where I currently live and isn't in the same 'neighborhood' (goodbye Montrose!  I will miss you!) but still in a good neighborhood and lots of walking/biking/running paths (lets just say I am on one of the Bayou City's many bayous!)!  Yay! 

So now I am super excited to have everything I want AND still with great places to run just outside my front door!  I didnt end up with a 2/1 but I did end up with a 1/1 with a living room AND a den.  The french doors into the den makes it seem girly and special.  Plus that room is also a solarium, which lets in all this fabulous light!  And I didn't have to give up a pool after all, but this one is separated from the property which makes it nice.

I wish I could move NOW, but I also didn't want to have to do all of that until late August or into September, so September it is!  I scheduled it for the weekend before my 22 miler for obvious reasons!  I am a planner and could never just say 'oh ok, I can move next weekend!' ... Takes me at least 6 weeks to be prepared both mentally and materially.  I have already scheduled the movers, and set up transfer of utilities. 

Now comes the packing and sorting through crap that won't make the cut for the move...Like my dining room table for one...I dont want that monstrosity anymore.  Its not used and just takes up way too much space!

Have you moved recently?  Are you a pick up and go kinda mover?  Or are you a planner and need Excel spreadsheets to get the job done correctly?  Have you ever used a realtor or locator to find a place to rent?  If you were looking for a new place what would be 2 things that were a deal breaker if you didn't have it?


Anonymous said...

I hate moving... especially now with kids. It's terrible. We self moved this last move and I'm still finding stuff in weird places and it's been almost 3 years. Our deal breaker was we needed a 3 car garage... I know, super important right?

TX Runner Mom said...

Glad you found a great place! We moved into the 'burbs 3 years ago and I swore we'd never move again. I hate it! I do like that it gives you an opportunity to purge stuff was much needed after being in our previous house for more than 10 years!