Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The TapeWorm Cometh

The past couple of days of marathon training has been muy bueno.  I actually got up yesterday morning and did a short 3 miles before work, then hit the gym for a speed workout (4 miles) on the treadmill.  I was so darn exhausted by the end of that, that I didn't stick around to do any weights.  Eh.

Today I was so happy to hit up Bikram for 90 min of sweaty sweaty!  Gayle was back and she always makes it more hot and more challenging.  I am so happy she is finally back and at the same time that I started back!  I pushed myself and was surprised that I can still do a toe stand (one side only though) after having only been back a week!

I really needed today because honestly everything is just so tight.  Muscles are sore and I needed a good can of whup ass opened up on me.  I feel drained and soooooooooooo good!  Still a bit of tightness in my upper back/shoulder area but all is well.

One of the things that seems to be more important as you get older is the need to stretch (not before; I dont suggest that), but afterwards.  Or take a yoga class on a cross train day...something.  It really does help with recovery and just making the next run feel that much better (and easier).

Now about that title of the post:  If you have never done a marathon, or are thinking of doing one there is something you should know.  And that is there will come a time when you simply feel like you cannot push enough food down your piehole and into your tummy.

I am there yet again.  Ever since this weeks long run I have been constantly hungry.  And yes I am eating enough protein to where it should satiate me, but it just doesnt.  This is the time where if you arent careful you could gain weight during marathon training (which is very common) and something you obviously want to avoid.

I have managed to limit (somewhat) my food intake to fruit, veggies...you know the good stuff, but the cravings for massive quantities of carbs is there.  Heck I have even been craving Ramen!  Gag!  My moms spaghetti...chips.. white rice... you name it.  I can't stop thinking about it all!

But one has to remember that even if you are running upwards of 15 miles, its generally at a slow even pace and while this does burn calories, its no where near what you think and overcompensating with a lot of food (because you ran upwards of 15 miles) is a big no no.  Speed work and hill repeats will help with actually burning fat and for a longer period of time, but LSD's do not.

I don't know what to tell you about how to handle the intense cravings for massive amounts of food every couple of hours other than to just 'embrace your hunger'.  As long as you are giving yourself the necessary nutrients and the proper amount of calories, its just one of those things that happens.

Right now I feel like I could eat my arm off, but I am just downing as much water as I can possibly stand (that doesnt work by the way), until its time for sleep.  This is typically the only thing that truly makes me forget about food.

And whats worse?  We'll revisit this during taper time...because I know whats coming and its way worse than it is now....

Questions?  Have you experienced this?  Any helpful tips you can share?

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NY Wolve said...

In the midst of marathon training I crave bread. Nutty, grainy, wheaty bread. I passed two bakeries on my daily commute and would buy a new loaf like very other day. So fresh and just wow.

Anyways, it happens!