Thursday, July 7, 2011

I've Seen Fire...and (now ) I've Seen Rain

The past couple of days have just been muy bueno in terms of running!
Especially yesterday (hence the video which is one of my favs songs by JT; thats James Taylor NOT Justin Timberlake!)  Fire and Rain!

We finally got a big old fashioned thunderstorm and some rain late in the day!  What this did was cool off the air from high 90's to low 70's when I went out to run at about 5:45 or so.  I expected it to be really steamy and humid, but it wasnt; at least not to me.  Sure it was some humid but no different that any normal morning around here!  The heavy cloud cover and the sprinkling on my entire run made it just awesome.  Even though I carried my little 10 oz'er I didnt even need it!  Fantastic!  There was no needing to walk, and I didnt even really want to stop at intersections which lets face it, in the Summer, I am happy for them and sometimes stop when there isnt any traffic!

So Tuesday (60 min TR) and Wednesdays 2-fer were both just fantastic.  I dont know if its that I am eating more (couldnt be hurting thats for sure), if its the supplement I am taking (drinking) or just the overall well being that I am feeling, but I am happy for the good runs this week when doubt was starting to really settle in with a weeks worth of feeling like crap!

I am hoping for another round of these thunderstorms/rain again today!  To which I will gladly bail on my gym run/workout!

Right now I am just trying to keep everything in order, so its great when the running (marathon training) goes well.  I am searching for a new home, working on new design for here, mothering/bonding with new kitty, working of course, plus trying to keep the social life going...  ;o)

Whats your favorite song about rain?  Do you take supplements other than vitamins i.e. ones that are touted to improve performance in some way?  Do you struggle with balance and making sure everything gets done?

p.s. Lots new of the older entries (from 2007) have been reposted under Races and Race Reports labels.  Man I ran a lot of races in 2007 :O)  I am trying not to overwhelm the email subscribers and google readers with too much on any given day, so this is going to take a while to repost a lot of this stuff!

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Tricia said...

following now :)

love reading old race reporst, heading off to get caught up

JunieB said...

Man I use to be so excited to go under 35 or 32 for a 5K! LOL. And to run 10min miles back then was just unheard of and i would celebrate! so funny!

thanks for following Tricia!!!

Anonymous said...

The rain was so nice yesterday!!! Until I had to leave work.

Fav rain song - It's raining men??

Supplements - I just take a multi, glucosamine, and fish oil. That's in addition to a prescription and normal stuff like protein. I haven't tried any pre-workout stuff yet.

Balance - I'm always struggling to get everything done.

Bert said...

'Raindrops keep falling on my head' by BJ Thomas. Favorite rain song. Of course. Isn't it everybody's?