Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Import and Export Blog Business

I have completed the import of my other blogs posts into this one, and am in the process of weeding through the 2000 of them to post here.  Whew!  Not an easy task!  Once that is done, then I will start publishing them so they will show up on your google reader.  For those that dont have me in their google reader, they will be placed in the corresponding labels to the right.  Thankfully I had used labels back then as well, so I believe since most of the labels are the same they will just fall right into place.  I will post a note when its done, so that anyone without GR that wants to read about past races etc., can find them.

One of the things that has been 'interesting' is reading some of those old posts from the old blog.  Outside of the running/training stuff, some of the personal life stuff made me smile (Idaho with my peeps for example! Sara, remember whistle pigs???!!!), but honestly the majority of it just brought back very bad memories.  But just like that I deleted them.  Its just that easy sometimes.  Just one day you never look back and you never regret either...the past is just that.  The.  Past.

Also since Monday (afternoon) I have been fueling properly, i.e. 3 meals a day and a snack.  I have already seen an improvement in ability on these shorter runs.  I really need to do a post on finding balance in eating and training for a marathon (as based on my past experiences) and not gaining weight!  I have done all:  gained, lost and maintained through out a few marathon training sessions.  Adding that one to my list of already started but not yet finished blog posts covering several issues.

Just a few things:  I have added my email link back to my profile, using an older but not yet retired email address.  I want to keep emails that are blog related or blog generated separate from my personal everyday email.  Figured it would be easier to do that than to just have mentioned it and buried in a blog post.

I also have a few product reviews coming up:  Johnsonville Chicken Sausage and Chlor-Oxygen

The redesign is still being worked on.  I am excited to see the ideas the peeps I am using come up with this time around!  I am using the same folks as before, but given them the direction I want to go in and what I want to project going forward, so we'll see soon I hope.

Have you ever imported another blog into a more recent one?  How many blogs have you started since Blogger became to be?  (this is my 3rd one).  Any new products on the market you have been curious about and tried?  Anything I should try if you're not willing to?

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saroy said...

Glad you found a way to export them -- I knew there was one but couldn't remember how. I've always had the same blog but gone through 4 different blogging "services" -- hand-coded, Diaryland, Blogger, and now Wordpress. I managed to get everything imported into my new blog except the hand-coded stuff from the late 90s.

It's weird reading old entries sometimes!