Friday, July 8, 2011


Well your emails and/or google readers should once again be full of race photo and race report blog posts from 2007 and I have just started the 2008 (getting close to the NYC Marathon posts!)...Its so weird to me to read some of these really is....the one where I first went sub 30: on a 5K...where I broke 2:25 for a half?  So weird to read these now...knowing that my times are so much faster. 

I was really a social kind of runner butterfly back a Strider, and so new to running and wanting to be at all the races.

Its also weird to read some of these posts for other reasons.  People that are no longer in my life for various reasons were such a big part of me, running and all of that back in the early years.  Now we've gone our separate ways.  Even though its been me for the most part that made the ultimate decisions that certain folks were just negative energy or just maybe not my cup of tea anymore, it still makes me a bit sad. 

Some of them I miss.  Others not so much.

So in addition to that, until I get all these posts posted, then I can import the file, and then export into new URL (which will be wordpress, but just a .com).  THEN I will hopefully have the new design done.

This is a lot of work!  I hope it pays off.

So the question is:  What do you think my new URL should be?  Even if you dont know me personally, maybe just come up with something catchy you know?  Think clean eating, running, health, later years kinda of woman...and it also has to reflect my personality some: think sparkly, glitter...If I choose any suggestion from here, the winner will get a $10 gift card!

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