Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ho's Before Bro's (even during marathon training)

I think its important to remember that at the end of the day...your 'ho's' are the ones that are going to have your back when the tough gets going..
Thats true for those ho's that dont run and the ones that do run!  At every critical time in my life, its always been one (or more) of my (girl)friends that ultimately was and probably will always be there.

Like these times...

Been there...

or....if you need help burying the body...or at least to always take your side...

Done that....


....more times than I can count....

Last week, my dear friend NC had an event on FB that she posted.  A musician she looooves was going to be in Houston for an acoustic show, and right near my house.  Now while honestly I dont this guys music (I did recognize him once he came up to the table to chat), it was more important to me that she was making the drive into the city and I would get to see her, so I clicked Attending on the FB event.  Now, typically I will just flake out due to tiredness from running or that I have to run...

I am trying to be better about that.  Making time for friends that I dont get to see that often.  And originally it looked like there were a few gal pals I hadnt seen in a while that were going as well, so it was truly going to be a win-win.

Then came the week of, and I loosely was planning in my head how to make it all 'work'.  I of course, was stressing a little bit about it...and with the new kitten, my sleep has been affected (new mommy and all)...but really it just came down to the running/working out and how I could make it all work.

Make a long story short, Tuesday didn't get done the way I had hoped (slept in) and then Wednesday didn't get done the way I had it was time to improvise because I had made up my mind that I was NOT missing the opportunity to just hang out, be a girl, talk about people, and look at boys.

I don't even know if my mind can regurgitate what I did in the gym to get a solid run workout done.  It was definitely what some would call an A.D.D. workout, and I didnt get but half of my miles done (4 instead of 8), but I did eek out some heavy weights on bi's, tri's, back and shoulders as well.  About an hour and a half still in the gym so thats good enough for me.

And I am so happy I did go after all to meet up with the gals!  I got to see 3 people I didnt know were going, that I haven't seen in forEVER!  Hi Holly!!!  (Holly is running her 1st marathon in January; has lost 70 lbs and looks phenomenally amazeballs!!!)

I ended up only maybe eating 1/3 of my menu choices (house salad, minus croutons and cheese please!) and I ate 1.5 pork empanadas (they were little too!).  2 glasses of Diet Coke and a water.  Brought the leftovers home.  Best part was that I didnt feel uncomfortable or antsy one little bit that everyone was drinking besides me.  But then again, this is a tame bunch  ;o)

We've gone from this:

Not a good look and certainly not fun...

to this:

Still cute and fun!  Moderation is key!

Anyway, after being there only a couple of minutes, I knew I had made the right choice.  So what if I missed a few miles?  And on top of that, gonna do a little out of the norm run tonight too with 2 other peeps (from LL and KW) it will be slow, with some exploring mixed in, and best of all, fun.

I think many of my readers already know this, but I believe that running allowed me to figure out my formula for happiness (among other things).  What I am trying to do now is balance.  I really enjoy spending time with my old school ho's!  I love my running girls too...but there is something comfortable about the ones that 'knew you when', and still love you anyway!   And when it comes to (boy)friends, well you cant ever have too many of those either ;o)  Some though just aren't worth the effort...and that goes for both genders.

When I run, especially during long runs, I think about how I don’t want anyone who’s close to me to feel like I would ever take them for granted. I try to be the best daughter (yes even still I want to make them proud, even if they are in heaven), sister, friend, or when I’m in a relationship, girlfriend that I can be. 

I notice the beautiful simplicity of life that I can walk right by at other times, such as a deep, purple Alium perfectly shaped in a ball. 
Every run, I try to push myself so that I know I’m doing the best with my body, and that translates to my professional life and personal life. 
All of that, brings me happiness.

Running makes me happy, but so does a whole lot of other things!

Who do you tend to hang out with more?  Did you use to party till the cows came home or always been the good girl?  What makes you happy?  Is your BFF(s) a runner/runners?  What have you seen lately thats made you marvel at the simplicity of life?


TX Runner Mom said...

I have turned down many a happy hour so that I could go swim or run the next morning (especially when I gotta wake up at 4:15 am). But, I believe you hafta have a nice mix...all work and no play, yadda yadda. Even when I do hang out with the girls for a GNO, it's usually my running/tri peeps. But, sometimes it is nice to hang out with some non-running peeps...then we talk about things other than running, lol! I do have some friends from my pre-running days who still frequent the bars and clubs...I am actually happy to not be part of that scene anymore. I've found much more joy in just hanging out with the fam at home, combined with my running endeavors with the occasional GNO mixed in.

Nicole C. said...

So glad I got to see your beautiful face Wednesday night!! <3