Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I Would Eat Wednesday

A spin on the ever popular What I Ate Wednesday that is so popular in the healthy living/foodie blogger world!  What I Would Eat Wednesday!

so.. just for fun.. I thought I would make a list of the top ten things I would eat every single day if calories and ingredients weren’t an issue for me.  Let's face it, most of us (at least women) have to even be more diligent as we get older..

So here we go!

#10 - Baby Ruth

This goes back to high school.  Every day, my last period was 'gym' because it went straight into drill/dance team practice and every day, I would get a Baby Ruth bar, and a Dr. Pepper from the machine.  I remember never eating one again after I gained so much weight a couple of years after high school.   I dont recall exactly when that was...I remember the guy I was dating when it all happened and when I lost it, but thats about it.  I would say I have had a miniture one maaaaybe a couple of times since high school!!!  I just dont eat full size candy bars anymore!  Lucky for me I am not a chocolate candy kind of girl.

#9  Iced White Chocolate Mocha - Starbucks

I am not a coffee drinker in the true sense of the word(s), but in the Summer I do love it iced.  Its rare (as in once or twice) that I will get the same coffee in the Winter.  But lately I have been having one of these about once a week.  I do get it no fat/no whip which helps and even if I could have it full fat etc., I wouldnt.  I don't understand whip cream on coffee.
#8 - Homemade Ranch Dressing

Like the kind you make with a tub of sour cream  and one of those little packets of Hidden Valley Ranch.  I dont know that I could eat it with a spoon straight up, but pretty darn close.  ;o)

#7 - Chicken Fried Steak WITH gravy

I havent had a chicken fried steak probably in about 25 years.  And thats the Gods honest truth.  I remember at my heaviest, for a few years after graduating from HS, you could have probably taken an xray of my ass and you would have seen chicken fried steaks Anyway, I somehow found out that in one CFS and gravy there were 60g of fat or something like that, and right then and there I swore off CFS's forever.  I think I might have had one after I moved to Vegas, when this 'texas style' place opened up there with my boyfriend at the time (he was from Dallas), can't be certain, but I think I did (not that it mattered then, I was a size 0-2 3 of the 7 years I lived there).   It was probably the only thing I had eaten in 2 days anyway.  :o/

#6 - German Chocolate Cake - from scratch (even the icing)

This will never be the same.  For as long as I can remember, sans this year and last, my momma would make me a 3 layer German Chocolate cake from scratch.  And when I say from scratch I mean even the icing was made from scratch.  I can still remember watching her over the stove stirring the ingredients, adding the coconut...German Chocolate Cake is my favorite favorite favorite!  I wont miss her GCC as much as I miss her, but just wont ever be the same ever again without her.

#5 - Blue Bell Ice Cream - specifically Mint Chocolate Chip

Is there anything really to say here?  I mean come ON, its ice cream!!!

#4 - Mexican Food - Enchiladas

Another food I cant remember the last time I ate.  I always say I am going to, especially after a marathon, but I get to the restaurant and I guilt myself out of it. 

#3 -  Queso (and tortilla chips)

Melted cheese, hot and spicy with salty chips?  I die.

#2 - French fries - alone or WITH cheese!!

French fries.  Double fried if possible.  And yeah, cheese again?  Sure.  But I dont really care one way or the other, I just thought this picture looked super yummy!!  I wanted to eat them off my computer screen!

#1 - drum roooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!

Rice (white) and gravy!!

Well I am a southern girl first and foremost, and by southern, I mean cajun.  All my roots are in Lousiana, and my momma use to put gumbo in my bottle.  Hello fat cell growth from the time I was borned.  ;o)  We didnt have potatoes, or even vegetables at every meal.  But I tell you one thing that we did..that was rice and gravy.  And yep, if it was the weekend you could have rice and gravy at breakfast and lunch if you were so inclined.  Good God how I loved (and still do) my rice and gravy.  I raaaarely eat white rice anymore, but I still long for it...I am even good at making it.  The kind you cook for longer than 90 sec in the microwave too...I'm old school.  You learned to cook rice before you could boil an egg.  Its just the coonass way.  :O)  What I never could quite get tho is the gravy.  Lord knows I tried, and a time or two it came out ok.  I can do a 'natural' gravy but then again who cant?  Now that I just wrote that I do believe I am going to attempt me some good old fashion the kind momma could make with her eyes closed and both hands tied behind her back kind of gravy this weekend.  Maybe its the way I should celebrate Independence Day?  I have to say, if I could get it right, there certainly would be fireworks in my mouth!!!!

Honorable Mentions

Whataburger!  What In and Out is to the West Coast I guess you could say!

Peanut Butter (super chunk) and jelly (strawberry or orange marm only!)
I can't even believe I found a picture of these together!  Ruffles and ranch dip!  I seriously could eat myself into a coma with this duo!

OK, so give it up....what is the one (or several) things you would eat all the time if there were no calories or fear from weight gain/health issues????


Anonymous said...

Girl you're making me hungry... and I giggled a bit at the queso item. I totally ate queso and chips for dinner last night... I even confessed on the blog. But I'm not even a remotely healthy eater... bad bad Tara :)

CaMeaux said...

we have SO much in common here... queso (Kerbey's Cowboy Queso, actually), bacon * eggs w/ a biscuit & sausage gravy, What-a-Chicken w/ Fries, Fried Okra, Peppermint Mocha (non-fat, no whip) at Stbx, Rocky Road Ice Cream, Buttered Chicken, Wild Rice, Ribeye w/ Loaded Mashed Potatoes and sauteed mushrooms, and yes, my cake, German Chocolate...

But for now, I'll just smile when I think about it, and smile even more when I can pass it up for an apple with some Laughing Cow, and a home cooked lower cal / high protien meal :)

wendiw80 said...

based on some of your food items, I was thinking you were southern!! (i'm in SC)

wendiw80 said...

I'm an idiot. I thought you were in boston - no no, you're in texas - southern, make sense..

Anne said...

I am driving to Texas on Saturday and I plan on checking the freezer in every gas station we stop in on the way for Blue Bell ice cream. My favorite flavors are Banana Pudding and Butter Crunch, which are, sadly, both seasonal flavors and aren't on the shelves anymore. Boo. Also on my list? Chuy's creamy jalapeno dressing. I miss Texas.

Junie B said...

ack! Chuys creamy jalepeno!!! i am having some tomorrow night after a run with a friend!!!

misty said...

I had a Wednesday comfort food breakdown yesterday. What I ate: caramel brownie (giant) and a king size back of Reese's minis.

It worked, I didn't strangle anybody at my job!

TX Runner Mom said...

Mmm, Queso and chips fo sho, pizza and Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia. Oh and I'd be all over the whipped cream on my frap!

Mel said...

A lot of those items were true for me too. Except reeses peanut butter cups instead.

I still eat enchiladas, actually more often when I was losing weight (probably weekly) than I do now.
Main factor is that way back when, I wasn't picky about quality. Now its top priority, it better be awesome

I'm still an occasional cake gal too, but it has be be super awesome

Jim said...

#10 Worlds. Best. Candy. Bar