Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kenyan Way Long Run - 14 Miles Etc.


Better than last week.  :)

After last Saturdays miserable (in more ways than one) long run, I was a bit anxious about this one.  I was careful on Thursday to not overdo and then Friday I was extra careful to just be as lazy as possible.  Thankfully I didnt have to walk up 8 flights of stairs at all.  Thank you elevator for working!

I got out to base super early (around 5:15) and did my early miles and honestly I set the watch at 7/1's to do those.  I skipped the 1's a couple of times simply because I didnt hear the beep.  :)

Once it was time to start with the group I reset the watch and we were off.  This weeks route is a bit more 'hilly' as it involved not only the TCJester bridge both coming and going, but running the bike path along TCJester is a bit rolly a time or two.  Funny how I dont really notice it as much after running in NoCal and in San Francisco.  :)

The run turned out to be quite fantastic, up until about the last mile and a half that is.  Ran with Cari the whole way and while I wanted to keep it at 10:40, most of the miles (8 of the 10) were more like 10:10 to 10:25.

At about the last 1.5 mile mark I started to feel queasy, clammy and it seemed like I had stopped sweating.  I had taken 3 SCaps at the last water stop and I dont know if that messed with me or what, but I walked a bit after letting my stomach settle and just slowed down for about a half a mile.  Once I knew I only had a mile to go, I picked it up closing the last mile in at 10:07.

Average pace came out to be 10:28.  A good day.

After coming home and showering etc., I hit the pool for a bit of sun and some laps.  I pretty much swam laps until I thought my arms were going to fall off.  I would swim 2-3 laps, take a breather, do some more.  Get out and lay on the chaise, and then start over.  When I decided to stop is when I felt like I might have pulled something in my upper left shoulder but this morning it seems fine.  What I am so happy about is that last year I was unable to swim due to the lower back disc issue.  Kicking was just impossible, the pain would be too bad (couldnt even use a kickboard).  I have a bit of of an ouch back there this morning but I am still about to head to the pool for some more laps this morning.  Hopefully it will be a-ok.

Then its off to work at the Locker today.  Only working Sundays there this month for a couple of reasons:  I needed the break and with long run mileage starting to climb, working on my feet in retail on Saturdays is just not in my plan.  :)  I took all of next weekend off though, seeing as how its my 'birthday weekend'.  :)

Hope your weekend has been swell!!!

Oh and its cut back week!!! YAY!  YAY!  YAY!  No speed workout on the schedule and short mileage next Saturday!!!

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