Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's Not Always About You (meaning Me)

I'm so awesome, I just blog about myself and no one else.  Ever.  How awesome am I?  No really...just look at me

There are a lot of times, whether its here in comments, or emails, Facebook or on Twitter that I hear 'you are so motivational' 'you are an inspiration' 'I wish I could be you for one month' (seriously someone just posted that on my FB here recently)... and while all of that makes me smile sometimes or makes me feel good, unfortunately I see it more often than not by folks who then just post about the 3000 calorie day they just had (and no, they dont run, IM or anything), or the weekend spent drinking themselves under the table, or all the tv they consume.  If I was motivating or inspiring...what are words without some sort of action?

What has been been evident and more meaningful to me is that I have several friends, mostly my old skool folks from 'back in the day' that never really said much to me when I first started doing what I do (now) back in 2005...at the time, most of my friends still did everything I mentioned above (still young and all :O) )...and theeeeeeeeeeeeeen something started changing...These folks that I use to run around with, the ones that never made mention of my new lifestyle (one way or the other) ... they didnt taunt me to do things I no longer wanted to do...quite the contrary actually....what happened was they (some) of them starting showing me, at least to me it was personal, how I had motivated...how I had inspired ...them on some sort of a personal level. 

First it was one or two here...starting changing the way they eat and see food...working up to walking a half marathon...losing some weight...putting themselves first on the list...maybe run/walking...signing up for a 5K, then a 10K, then a half marathon, or multiple half marathons for a cause near and dear to their heart, and now most of them have or will have done their first full marathon; and others who said they'd never do it again, but are...(and I suspect this wont be the end either).  And then there are some that you running isnt their thing...but they do 2 a days; they may row, or do Crossfit, or boot camp...or still walk every day...or still run/walk...

Seriously, most mornings I get up and I see friends that I speak of already at this boot camp, or this lake or trail, or this park, or this gym...doing whatever they do...even before I rolled out of bed?!  Hey I only roll out of bed early on Saturdays...  :)  Way too hard for me to want to get up mornings that I have to go to work!  Thats my sleeping in days!!!  LMAO!!!

And while I cant and certainly do not take credit for everything they are doing, I wonder...deep down...somewhere along the way I might have made a difference?

But again, I am off track...as bloggers we tend to do that...concentrate on the me! me! me! and this post isn't about me...its about those people, male and female...that I use to run around with...that I use to drink with..that I use to stay up all night with...and sometimes days at a time with...that now?

They inspire me every single day.

So to all of you, whether you read this blog or not, you inspire me every. single. day.  Even when I dont feel like doing something on any given day..I think of her, or her, or him...and then I make myself that promise...that if after xx amount of time, if you still dont want to do it, you can stop at any time.  By the way, this trick ALWAYS works for me...I would say only about .05% of the time do I stop whatever that workout is...I may alter it, but it gets done.

Honestly what I do isn't that impressive; not to me anyway.  Continuing on with a journey or a goal is easy enough.

Its having the courage to start that is truly wonderful.

Keep up the good work and always remember 'a body in motion, stays in motion'!!!