Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just The Facts (and end of week at a glance)

Monday: 60 min on the treadmill.  Ugh.  But a) its 103 outside right now (4pm) and b) I need the strength/weights workout (only went once last week!)  Added weight to every single machine and even the free weights.  Hurt like a mother but its all good!  At the time of writing this I am contemplating running treadmill again on Wednesday just for the extra day of weights (I'm digging the results)... :O)  2 days a week on treadmill isnt so bad AS LONG AS its not 2 consecutive days.  Then I just want to rip my eyelashes out one by one...

Tuesday:  Today was one of those days where I had to play the game again.  I so did not want to run.  I came home and laid around for a bit (waiting for the sun to back off a bit) and finally said, ok, run to Rice and see what happens after that.  Truth be told instead of 6 miles today, I just did 4.  I did run PAST Rice instead of just turning around :).  Eh, its a cut back week :)  I dont know whats going on here, but I am tired a lot and I wonder if I need to go in for a check up with my endo.  Maybe my Synthroid needs to be adjusted.  Again.  Or maybe I am just ramping up and being tired is what its going to be like for oh...lets see the next 6 months?  :)

Wednesday:  60 min on treadmill.  No speed workout this week!  Yay!  Then hit the weights hard again... The plan actually was to run 30min, weights then hit up a 'warm' vinyasa 1.5 hour class at a place less than a block from my house with a friend.  However, the class was already full by the time I went to sign up.  Sad face.

Thursday:  Possibly taking an unscheduled rest day...  Its my birthday and I can not run if I dont feel like it.  :O)

Friday:  Scheduled rest day

Saturday:  Cut back week!!!!  8 miles.  Plan is to run 3 easy and the last 5 at marathon pace (game time decision on this, depending on exactly how horrid the weather is this weekend)...I know it will be warm and humid but just how much so is a crap shoot...

Sunday:  Cross training:  Swim workout


Xaarlin said...

Happy birthday!! Enjoy your day. Looks like you are having a great week of training. It's killer hot here too so I'm doing more indoor workouts.

TX Runner Mom said...

I know the game well! You gotta do what you gotta do to get out there. And, happy birthday!