Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekly Preview

Not gonna lie, I am kinda a Grumpy McGrumperson and also not feeling very creative, so this week might be kinda lame on the blog homefront.  :O)

But I am working on something...a little change up in vision, design and go-forwardness for the blog so stay tuned!  Working on that now with a creative-head that hopefully will have some cool ideas!

There is a post in the works for Wednesday thats a bit fun, so stay tuned for that... What I Would Eat Wednesday (now sweeping blogs all across the internet)

And last, but certainly not least, all you Grumpy McGrumpersons out there in HTown that are boo hoo'ing and bashing Houston Marathon Commitee, stop it.  You're acting like a child for Gods sake.  There are ways to get a guaranteed entry, but if you don't want to do any of those three things, then quit you're bitching because you have to go through the lottery.  Actually 4 things.  Run enough Houston Marathons to be a veteran.

Monday - 60 minute treadmill run; 45 min weights
Tuesday - 6 mile run  (IF I can get up early enough to run before work, I am going to take this down to 4 miles and then do 90min of Bikram after work)
Wednesday -  3 miles am run - 4 miles pm run
Thursday - 60 min treadmill run; 45 min weights (this might change to an outdoor run as one of my friends wants me to go run White Oak Bayou with her so we'll see)
Friday -  Rest
Saturday - 14 miles
Sunday - Rest (from running)  Cross train though:  swim workout and bike ride


Anonymous said...

No bashing for the Committee for me. I got in and everyone else I know that entered the lottery got in. :) It's a good day. Looking forward to the creative thing..

You sure exercise a lot. I'm tired reading your schedule.

Julia said...
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Junie B said...

thank goodness i enjoy it all though! and never hurts to be able to do a lot of it with your BFF's and a cute boy or 3. :O)

wendiw80 said...

do you split up your runs a lot? Does it help with training? I read where people do that, but wasn't sure how effective it was

Junie B said...

Wendi, the only time I do that typically either in the Summer due to long mid week runs OR when I have plans after work and cant do the whole 7-8 miles in one stretch. In this particular instance, I have plans on Wednesday evening, therefore splitting it up still gets me my miles for the day. IMHO I think its fine when its ever so often and for mid length mileage. splitting up a 20 though I think is not conducive to marathon training :) But I know some people think its ok.

Xaarlin said...

Looks like you have a great week planned!

I know what you mean about the Houston marathon lottery people who didn't get picked. Same thing happens with the Nike womens marathon. Last year their Facebook page was the only good source of info for the race and so many people would complain that they didn't get in. Sheesh. Get over it and find a new race or join TNT or something.

As for the Nike Chicago marathon shirts, I have no idea if those prints are being sold anywhere. It was a mobile printing unit set up at the 26.2 preview. I havent checked or niketown yet. Maybe they would have it. :(

TX Runner Mom said...

I'm hapy with my outcome in the lotto. Kinda sad for the hubs though...he's only done the Austin 1/2, so he wanted a flat course in a well organized race. Luckily, there are tons of other options out there. He's probably doing the woodlands instead.

JunieB said...

sad for joseph! woodlands is going to be FLAT! probably flatter than Houston!