Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When Animals Attack!!

I did not get up when my alarm went off at 4:50am this morning to run.  Why?

This is why. 

This is what I dealt with until after 11pm.  The nugget was a terror and would not stop just going nuts and literally trying to climb walls.  (note:  not my kitty, but he's white so there ya go)
I suspect it was maybe 11:30 before sleep won out.  Yes, I tried putting him in the living room and shutting my door, but then I figured I didnt want to face the disaster that would surely greet me when I woke up.

So this was me this morning...

Dead to the world.  I still feel like that.
So no Bikram tonight.  Just a run.  I thought about just going to Bikram and skipping running altogether.
Then I woke up from the nightmare.

The heat warnings are off the chart right now (feels like of 108 today), for the next 7 days...It really starts to wear on you mentally and even physically.  I plan to hydrate well today, take a nap after work, and then starting the run around 6:30 or so.

ps.  To the person at Rowan Companies, who is not SR, I'm watching you stalk my blog.  


Heather said...

I made a similar decision this morning not to run - I got all dressed and then realized I would have a crappy run because of how tired I was.

Sleep is very important!

Junie B said...

It wasnt that I made the decision willingly; more like I just couldnt get out of bed! LOL!