Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lets Be Real

So Tuesday afternoon, I had opted (planned) to do my little 6 miler after work, waiting until 6 pm or so.
Here is how it went.

I had some issues, as I mentioned in the earlier post, and after resting a bit I figured, well I will go out and at least do 4, then see how I feel.  Thinking back now, maybe it was the fact that I had only had 24oz of water that day...and at 6pm when I took off, it was feels like of 97% (humidity through the roof).  Or maybe it was that I went a route that put me in too much of direct sunlight.  No matter what the thing remains for sure...

2 miles into the 4 miles and I was done.  Thing is that you're still 2 miles from home.

So I walked a little.  Ran a little.  Walked a little more.  Ran a little more.
Until finally I made it home.  And I stopped.  The mileage was under 4 miles but I felt like I had run 15.  Seriously.  Thats how it felt.

Nope.  Didnt feel like that Speidi.  But thanks.

Bottom line is I am either going to have to wait until 7pm from now on (suuuuck!) or get my ass out of bed earlier during the week to get it done before work.  (suuuuuuck!)

Exactly.  But as runners its our nature to bitch about the weather.  Too hot.  Too cold.  Too windy.  Too humid.  But we endure.  And because we endure, we have the privilege of bitching about it. :O)

So this morning...4:45am the alarm goes off and I get out of bed, pull on some clothes, shove 1/2 bagel thin down my throat, chug some water, grab the blinky light and headed out the door.
My schedule called for 8 miles today with 3x1 at some ridiculous pace (like 8:30 or something) with 3mr in between but F a bunch of that in this heat!!!  LOL!
So basically I decided to divide the miles up today (going forward I might change my hours from 7am to 8am on Wednesdays to give me time to do full mileage before work).  I did maybe close to 4 this morning and will do the rest this evening...We've had rain today (thank the baby Jesus)!!! And cloud cover! so right now, its only 77deg!!  with a feels like of 77deg!!!  The sun is trying to peek out which sucks big time, so it might be 6pm again or later before I attempt the balance of the miles.

I figure if everything feels ok, I'll through some 1/4 - 1/2 mile sprints in there for the hell of it.
Honestly, I think 8 miles mid-week is dumb as dog doo doo this early in, but whatev. 

Or as dumb as Jessica Simpson....

Either way, 7-8 miles will be done today...maybe not all at once, but within 12 hour time frame.  That counts right?


saroy said...

It's not much better at 7 pm. That's when I went out last night. I did about 4.5 miles and by the 3rd mile I was DEAD.

Mel said...

Ugh, Texas weather, can't win. Cooler in AM but higher humidity. Lower humidity in evening, but hotter.

I did a split run yesterday too. I think it still has good benefits. I actually read another article about it yesterday that I accidentally stumbled across.